After record sales in the same month last year, Mercedes-Benz even set a new record in September 2011. With last month being the strongest one since the beginning of the year a total of 120,982 vehicles have been delivered to customers worldwide.

Since January 2011 sales now total to 919,288 Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicles, an increase of 7.6%. “We continue to grow,” says Dr. Joachim Schmidt, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars. “After posting a record in the second quarter, we also achieved our highest sales ever in September and for the third quarter as a whole. Positive momentum was generated especially in China, where we also noted record sales this month. We will continue to grow in the fourth quarter as well, so we are on track to make 2011 the most successful year in our company’s history.” The Mercedes-Benz Cars division has delivered 996,855 (+7.3%) Mercedes-Benz and smart fortwo vehicles to customers since the beginning of the year, which is also a new record.

Dr. Schmidt: “According to the latest Interbrand study Mercedes-Benz is already the most valuable brand in Europe. From November the new M-Class as well as the new B-Class will generate additional sales momentum for us and will enhance the brand’s image in public even further.”

As in the past few months, Mercedes-Benz was able to rise sales in many of its markets in September. In China (including Hong Kong), the brand with the star increased its sales in September by 12.7% to the record level of 15,272 units. A total of 135,506 vehicles have been delivered to customers in China since January (+32.8%), more than ever before. Last month records were also posted in Taiwan (+57.9%), Russia (+44.6%), South Korea (+37.4%), and India (+14.1%). Sales development was also very dynamic in Brazil (+64,8%), South Africa (+21.7%) and Turkey (+10.5%).

In Germany, Mercedes-Benz remained the most successful premium brand in September. Following a very strong performance in September 2010 (27,273 units) and shortly before the market launch of the new B- and M-Class a total of 24,514 units have been delivered within Germany. At 190,037 vehicles since the beginning of the year, sales were up slightly (+0.5%) from the high figure recorded during the same period in 2010. A total of 222,926 vehicles (+0.1%) have been delivered to customers in Western Europe (excluding Germany) since the beginning of the year; September sales totaled 32,425 units.

Last month, the new C-Class sedan was the top-selling vehicle in its class for the sixth month in a row. A total of 26,816 units of that model were delivered in September (+8.9%). Outstanding sales also put both the new SLK (+135.8%) and the new C-Class coupe at the top of their comparative segments in September. Total sales in the C-Class segment rose by 19.5%. A vehicle with the star has also remained the best-selling model in the luxury segment since the beginning of the year: Sales of the S-Class sedan increased by 8.4% to 51,665 units from January through September. During that same period, Mercedes-Benz delivered 253,020 vehicles from the E-Class segment to customers, an increase of 4.7%. Sales of the new CLS performed particularly well once again in September, being the best-selling vehicle in its segment (+187%). SUVs with the star have also been on the road to success since the beginning of the year, with deliveries totaling 174,612 units, around one-fourth (+25.5%) more than during the same period in 2010. Worth mentioning are the sales of the M-Class, as they have risen by more than ten percent since January, despite the upcoming model changeover. The other SUVs are also developing very dynamically. Deliveries of the R-Class are up 67.9%, those of the GLK rose 29.8%, and G-Class sales increased by 43.8%.

Sales of the smart fortwo continue to rise as well since the beginning of the year: A total of 77,567 units of the model were sold from January through September 2011 (January-September 2010: 74,885). The innovative two-seater has been particularly successful on the Chinese market, where a record of 8,445 units (+217%) have been delivered to customers since the beginning of the year. smart fortwo sales were also very high in Germany during the same period. At 22, 335 units, deliveries were up by 8.7%. This makes the smart fortwo the best-selling vehicle in its segment during the year to date in Germany. A total of 8,494 units of the model were sold worldwide in September (January – September 2010: 10,066 units). The sales figure for September 2010 was exceptionally high due to the first deliveries of the facelifted model in that month. The smart fortwo will significantly surpass its sales target of more than 90,000 units for full-year 2011 and is therefore looking to sell approximately 100,000 vehicles.

Source: Daimler AG