The first Actros Euro VI was handed over to the Transalliance transport company today as part of a major order for over 500 Mercedes-Benz trucks.

Ulrich Bastert, head of sales at Mercedes-Benz Trucks, handed over the vehicle to Alexandre Michel, owner and CEO of the Transalliance Group, in Wörth today. “There is a good, long-standing partnership between our company and Transalliance. We are delighted that our customer Transalliance is introducing the first Euro VI truck into its fleet, thereby highlighting the company’s future-oriented approach,” said Ulrich Bastert at the handover. The French company will be taking delivery of this major order in the coming months.

The new Mercedes-Benz Actros is the first truck to be designed specifically for the Euro VI standard, which will become mandatory in 2014. Its pollutant emissions have been reduced to a barely detectable range. The new Actros model also sets benchmarks in terms of fuel consumption: in comparison to the established Actros, the new Actros designed to Euro VI standard results in a further 3-4 percent reduction in fuel consumption.

“For us, economy, safe driving dynamics and greater comfort for the driver are the most important characteristics of a truck. We are proud to have the first Mercedes-Benz Actros with Euro VI technology in our fleet,” declared Alexandre Michel from Transalliance. “Our efforts to support and actively promote future-oriented technologies are also being showcased in the technology days which we are currently staging at Transalliance. This event offers customers and employees an opportunity to catch up on the state of the art in our business.”

Transalliance is one of the largest logistics companies in Europe. Its fleet comprises 3200 vehicles, including 700 trucks from Mercedes-Benz. Transalliance’s workforce in 2011 stands at 4500. The handover of the first new Mercedes-Benz Actros complying with the Euro VI emissions standard which is to be introduced in 2014 further strengthens the level of cooperation between the two companies and demonstrates the two partners’ commitment to meeting the highest possible environmental standards.

Source: Daimler AG