Mercedes-Benz started successfully into the second half of the year: last month, the brand had its best July sales ever. A total of 100,391 passenger cars were delivered to customers worldwide, representing a 2.7 percent increase compared to the high volume achieved in July 2010 (July 2010: 97,727). Since the beginning of 2011, sales have risen by 8.6 percent to 710,922 units (January-July 2010: 654,418), which is also a new record.

Dr. Joachim Schmidt, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars: “Demand for our products is higher than ever before. July was another record month, which successfully followed our very good sales results in the first half of the year. We expect strong sales for the second half of the year and want to continue to grow. The greater availability of our vehicles will contribute to this development. We are working additional shifts at many of our plants, such as those for the C-Class, and will keep production running all summer.” In the second half of the year, growth will especially be boosted by the models of the new C-Class generation, while the market launch of the new M-Class in the fall will speed up the pace of sales even further. Customers have been able to order the new M-Class since July 11. Dr. Schmidt: “We will start our foray into the premium compact car segment in November with the launch of the new B-Class, which we will unveil at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt in a few weeks. Overall, we are in an excellent position and are set to sell more than 1.35 million Mercedes-Benz passenger cars and smarts in 2011, which would make it our all-time best year.”

Mercedes-Benz continued to grow in the U.S. last month, with sales increasing by 9.4 percent to 19,006 units (July 2010: 17,367). Since January, deliveries have risen by 7.3 percent to 129,932 vehicles (January-July 2010: 121,041).

Mercedes-Benz obtained high double-digit growth rates in many markets in the Asia-Pacific region. During the year to date, sales of Mercedes-Benz reached a dynamic growth rate of 41.7 percent in China (incl. Hong Kong), thus expanding at a much faster pace than the total market. Deliveries rose to a new record of 106,422 vehicles (January-July 2010: 75,127). As a result of the model changeover of the high-volume C-Class, sales in July amounted to 14.248 passenger vehicles (July 2010: 14,616/minus 2.5 percent). Thanks to the greater availability of vehicles and the launch of the new C-Class generation, the company expects to achieve substantial growth in China in the third quarter overall.

In July, high growth rates were posted in Taiwan (plus 46.5 percent) and South Korea (plus 20.3 percent), where the brand achieved a new record. In Japan, sales of Mercedes-Benz vehicles climbed strongly by 29.2 percent. Last month, deliveries were also at a record level in Russia, where sales increased by 37.0 percent. In India, sales for the year to date are 33.0 percent higher than for the same period of 2010. In Brazil, sales rose by 59.5 percent in July. The previous month was also a very good one with record sales in South Africa (plus 28.0 percent) and Turkey (plus 29.3 percent).

In its biggest market, Germany, Mercedes-Benz’ market share of 10.1 percent was once again the highest of any premium brand. The CLS and the S-Class were the top-ranking vehicles in the German Federal Motor Transport Authority’s (KBA) luxury car segment, while the E-Class coupe and the SLK were the leading sports cars. The C-Class sedan was the number one among its premium competitors in its respective segment. Sales in Germany amounted to 23.098 units in July, nearly reaching the high volume of July 2010 (23,556). Since January, sales amounted to 146.111 units, thus matching the level achieved in the same period last year (January-July 2010: 146,014). In Western Europe, demand for Mercedes-Benz vehicles was particularly strong during the first seven months of 2011 in Belgium (plus 10.6 percent) and Sweden (plus 19.2 percent).

In July, the new C-Class models and the SUVs in particular were strong growth drivers. Since its market launch, the new generation C-Class sedan has defended its market-leading position in its class for the fourth month in a row. Sales in the C-Class segment as a whole rose by 16.8 percent in July. More than three times as many customers bought a new SLK in July compared to July 2010, making it the number one in its segment (plus 207.3 percent). Mercedes-Benz set a new record in the SUV segment with sales climbing by 26.5 percent to 18.479 units. All model ranges substantially surpassed last year’s results, for example the GLK (plus 14.6 percent) and the M-Class (plus 22.4 percent), which continues to be in great demand even close to the launch of its successor. Meanwhile, the S-Class continues to set the pace in the luxury segment. It has been the most popular sedan in its class from January to July with sales rising by 14.3 percent. Customers are also very enthusiastic about the new CL-Class (plus 28.5 percent). In the E-Class segment, the company has boosted sales by 5.6 percent since January, with the E-Class convertible continuing to perform especially well (plus 60.1 percent). Deliveries of the new CLS have almost trippled since the beginning of the year (plus 165.6 percent).

Compared to the previous months, sales of the A-Class developed much better in July. At 10.358 units, they were up 3.1 percent compared to July 2010. This was due to the greater availability of the vehicles after the production changeover to the new A-Class and B-Class at the Rastatt plant had caused temporary delays. In Germany, deliveries of the A-Class increased by 9.3 percent compared to July 2010. Sales of the B-Class, whose successor will be celebrating its world premiere in a few weeks, have risen worldwide by 12.4 percent since January (68.691 units).

Sales of the new generation smart fortwo continued to pick up in July. A total of 8,521 units (July 2010: 8,348) were sold, representing an increase of 2.1 percent. Sales of the two-seater have increased 7.2 percent since January, to 63,322 units (January-July 2010: 59,071). China remains a success story, with over three times as many people buying a smart in July than in the same month of last year. Since January, a total of 6,371 customers have opted for a smart (January-July 2010: 1,471/plus 333.1 percent). Demand in Germany also continued to develop positively in July (plus 7.9 percent) and in the year to date (plus 17.4 percent). Last month, the smart defended its leading position in its segment for the 17th month in a row.

Source: Daimler AG