It’s dependable: the Atego with permissible gross vehicle weight of 6.5 to 16 tonnes is a machine you can rely on. The vehicle’s outstanding manoeuvrability and compact external dimensions have also proven their worth in stone restoration capacity.

Narrow alleyways in historic town centres are no problem for this all-rounder – and these are also the impressions of the Bamberg-based stone restoration company Steinerestaurierung Bauer-Bornemann GmbH.

The company has been impressed with the manoeuvrability of the Atego 1224 since it began using the vehicle in March this year. Even the extreme space constraints imposed on the vehicle at its current operational sites in Amsterdam and Munich have done little to undermine confidence. The vehicle is used to collect and transport unrestored stonework and statues, some of which can weigh up to two tonnes, to the company’s workshop in Bamberg. There, the company’s experts get to work, restoring the historic pieces to their original glory in just weeks.

By order of the Queen
The renowned stonework restoration company Bauer-Bornemann was commissioned for its work in Amsterdam by Queen Beatrix herself some two years ago. Restoration work on the Royal Palace of Amsterdam, known as the “Dam”, is currently ongoing by order of the Monarch. Ulrich Bauer-Bornemann: “I’m always on the road between Amsterdam and Bamberg.” The facades of this huge Baroque-style palace are a formidable challenge. The company uses the Atego in particular for transporting the various statues that adorn the palace exterior, as well as for ferrying about employees, baggage and tools.

Another spectacular Bauer-Bornemann project: Munich’s Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady). The tower is currently surrounded by scaffolding, and restoration is expected to be complete by summer 2012. And, of course, there’s the Electoral Palace in Mainz. Here, too, the Atego with crane superstructure from Palfinger serves as an ideal “tool”. The vehicle is used to safely bring down stonework onto its loading platform from a height of ten metres for transport back to the workshop in Bamberg. After just a few weeks, the historic treasures are ready to be put back in place unfailingly in Mainz.

The Bamberg-based company employs 70 staff, all accredited experts. In the spacious workshop facility – a 1500 sq.-m hall – tools, machines and materials are at the ready for high-quality restoration work. All necessary transport tasks are attended to reliably by the company’s Mercedes-Benz vehicle fleet, which also includes 15 Vitos and one Sprinter.

Source: Daimler AG