All the signs now point to growth at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Wörth. The facility’s order books are full and the new Actros, which will begin rolling off the line in Wörth at the end of September, is generating an increase in production volume and therefore a greater need for personnel.

The production program has been stepped up so as to enable the plant to fill all customer orders flexibly, efficiently, and on time. In addition, an agreement has been reached to run special shifts almost every Saturday in the second half of the year, which is why the plant management and the Labor Council have decided to hire up to 1,000 new workers.

“The hiring of up to 1,000 new employees marks an important step in our preparations for the production launch of the new Actros,” says the manager of the Mercedes-Benz plant in Wörth, Yaris Pürsün. “We’ve been working at full speed on the production launch for months now, and it’s a huge challenge for the entire team. I’m proud that every employee here has shown great dedication and made a personal contribution to supporting our quality claim of ‘Trucks you can trust.’”

The new hirings will increase the plant’s permanent workforce; the facility is seeking staff members for the production and logistics units. The first new employees will be taken on in September, and additional staff members will be added in subsequent months. The hiring process is scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2012. The positions will be filled by hiring completely new employees and granting permanent employment contracts to current temporary workers.

“It’s a good sign for the region around Wörth when new jobs are created, and it’s a good sign for our people in the factory when they see that the permanent workforce is being expanded,” says Ulli Edelmann, Chairman of the Labor Council at the
Mercedes-Benz plant in Wörth. “Great working conditions and permanent employment contracts give workers a sense of security and trust, and they pass on this feeling to our customers through our products. I have great respect for the tremendous effort all of our people are making as they help to support the expansion of production at our plant.”

Albert Frech, Director of Human Resources Management at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Wörth, says, “Our recipe for the future success of the plant consists of having qualified and highly motivated staff members and competitive products. By increasing our workforce, we are demonstrating our determination to safeguard jobs in Wörth over the long term. I’m especially pleased to be able to offer so many people such good prospects for their future.”

Back in March, the plant management and the Labor Council agreed on a package of measures that will increase the permanent workforce in Wörth by 400 employees and lead to the hiring of an additional 400 temporary workers and 200 young staff members. It was also decided that positions for an additional 100 trainees will be created over the next four years.

The application phase for the new positions has already started; the job postings for qualified candidates are on the Internet and are being accompanied by ads in daily newspapers. Those interested in obtaining one of the new positions can go to and view the postings under the following numbers: 087482: skilled metalworker (m/f); 087483: warehouse manager (m/f); materials provider (m/f); packer (m/f)

Source: Daimler AG