High-quality materials and superbly finished surfaces, fine details, precise workmanship and a new spaciousness – the interior of the B-Class will set the standard in the compact car segment.

Many of the details had previously been the sole preserve of higher-end vehicle segments, and correspond to the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy in terms of image and quality. For example, the dashboard may be covered with stitched ARTICO man-made leather. Three interior packages (Exclusive, Chrome and Sports package) allow the interior to be personalised according to your own taste.

The new B-Class is one of the roomiest vehicles in its segment. The 87 mm of knee clearance in the rear compartment even beats both the S-Class and the E-Class. Ample room has also been provided for the luggage. The rear seat backrest can be divided and folded according to the ratio 60:40 as standard. The B-Class is also available with the “EASY-VARIO-PLUS” system upon request. This allows the interior to be rearranged in just a few steps. Amongst other things, the EASY-VARIO-PLUS system allows the rear seats to be positioned differently along the longitudinal axis by up to 140 mm.

Emotional design idiom with sporty qualities
The first thing that strikes you when looking at the vehicle’s interior is the large, three-dimensional decorative element spanning the entire dashboard. The three large circular vents in the centre and their unique grilles add a sporty note to the design idiom of the interior.

Above the vents is the screen, which seems to float in mid-air and is available with a diagonal of 147mm or 178mm. With its first-class design (including an ornamental frame with galvanised surface contrasting with the piano black of the front panel) and sleek dimensions, the colour display (TFT) is a real gem in the cockpit that features prominently rather than trying to hide. The menus on the screen are operated using the controller in the centre console. The concept for the free-floating screen serves two further purposes: The screen fits in more harmoniously with its surroundings as an extendable screen, and allows a more airy feeling of space in the centre of the dashboard.

The three-spoke steering wheel, used for example in the CLS, including an insert in the centre spoke that is always finished in silver chrome, an instrument cluster with four round, analogue displays and hanging needles in the 6 o’clock position and seats with contrasting stitching reinforce the car’s sporty image.

The absence of a handbrake lever (all B-Class models come with an electric parking brake as standard) gives a feeling of space and provides additional storage in the centre console. This is further enhanced in the versions with the new 7G-DCT dual clutch transmission. In these cars, the selector lever and shift paddles are integrated into the steering wheel, a first for this vehicle category.

High-quality materials and perfect workmanship
The dashboard has a matt, dirt-resistant surface that is pleasantly soft to the touch, providing a first-rate haptic experience. With the Exclusive package, the dashboard is even covered with ARTICO man-made leather including differently coloured decorative stitching – yet another example of the standards of luxury applied to the B-Class.

The large decorative element situated directly in the middle of the driver and passenger’s field of vision is available in four variants covering a broad spectrum including modern, sporty and classic. What all of these versions share is a high perceived quality that, in addition to the visual and haptic experience, also includes ease of care and a long useful life.

For example, in the Basic model the decorative element does not appear in high-gloss black but rather the fine “Matrix” structured pattern on a background reminiscent of piano lacquer, offering not just a pleasing finish but also effective protection against unsightly fingerprints. The decorative element is manufactured using IMD (In-Mould-Decoration) technology. In this process, printed carrier foils are inserted into the mould which is then filled with thermosoftening plastic. This results in moulded parts with an outstanding finish and high-quality appearance.

With the Sports package, the decorative element is also prepared using IMD. In this case, the foil is printed on both sides, adding depth to the pattern. As a result, the observer discovers even more interesting details on the fascinatingly structured surfaces at a second glance.

With the Exclusive package, the decorative element is available with a genuine matt burr walnut veneer. Alternatively, the decorative element can also be ordered in high-gloss black ash. Mercedes drivers already know this strikingly grained wood from the CLS. Those opting for the Exclusive package can also have their B-Class equipped with full-leather seats.

Galvanised surfaces, indirect ambient lighting
All of the metallic surfaces in the interior are also genuine thanks to galvanisation. Elements including the outer rings of the circular vents, the frame of the colour display and the upper shell of the gear lever are provided in the shiny satin-finish “polished aluminium”. All silver surfaces have the same lustre and quality, giving the interior a harmonious appearance.

The high-quality impression is reinforced at night by the ambient lighting available as part of the Light and Sight package. A fibre-optic cable integrated into the lower edge of the decorative element provides soft, amber-coloured illumination. Ambient lighting also includes footwell lighting in the front as well as the illumination of the handle recess on all of the doors.

The consistent use of high-quality materials and intricate production processes continues with the doors. The basic carrier bars of the door panels, just like the dashboard, are made from a soft foil that is pleasant to touch, while the middle panel and armrest are fitted separately. The door pocket is mounted from behind, and in contrast to a standard injection-moulded component offers a soft yet dirt-resistant surface at the entrance to the vehicle.

The armrests in the door and the centre console are padded even with the Basic model. The central door panel is made from woven material, the armrest from ARTICO man-made leather. In the high-end versions, the intricately processed armrest also has differently coloured double stitching.

The colour and trim concept contributes to the modern and sporty ambience of the interior, and combines the trim and highlight colours with contrasting black elements. For example, the carpet is kept dark throughout, while the ‘crystal grey’ trim colour sets a light tone. Hazelnut brown is also available as a highlight colour.

Source: Daimler AG