Mercedes-Benz customers are the most satisfied. The proof comes with the results of the latest J.D. Power Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study (VOSSSM) Germany, undertaken by the world-renowned market research organisation J.D. Power and Associates into the satisfaction of car buyers.

The C-, E- and M-Class each scored the best marks in their respective segments. In the category Service Satisfaction, the three-pointed star also once again secured first place among the premium brands. In addition, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class has won silver in the editorial awards presented by the German magazine AUTO TEST, based on more than 500 tests and pre-purchase consultations.

The strengths and weaknesses of a car are best shown in its day-to-day running. This realisation lies behind the J.D. Power 2011 Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study (VOSSSM), a far-reaching survey of how satisfied car owners are with their vehicles. The results appear as a list that ranks more than 100 models from 28 manufacturers in eight categories. The current study shows Mercedes-Benz models in first place three times, while the brand also scores exceptionally well when it comes to service:

  • In the ranking “Overall VOSSSM – Compact Executive”, the top slot is taken by the
    C-Class, reflecting the fact that its customers are the most satisfied among those of all models in the Midsize Premium category.
  • The E-Class takes first place for customer satisfaction in the Executive Luxury Car ranking, followed by the S-Class.
  • The M-Class trails all other models in the “SUV” segment in its wake when it comes to customer satisfaction.
  • Mercedes-Benz took first place ahead of all other premium-brand manufacturers in the service satisfaction category.

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class and CLK were already the winners in their segment in 2010. First place across all brands was taken by Mercedes-Benz. In the category of service satisfaction, Mercedes-Benz was also already placed well ahead of its premium-class competitors in the 2009 and 2010 studies. Customers were asked for their views on criteria such as the friendliness of the service advisor, the condition of the equipment used and the thoroughness with which any servicing or maintenance work was undertaken.

Dr Joachim Schmidt, Member of Mercedes-Benz Cars Management responsible for Sales and Marketing: “We are delighted that our customers are able to experience this high level of quality on a day-to-day basis and have shown their recognition in this way. Our aim is to offer products that delight, coupled with excellent customer care and the best service. All this is integral to the Mercedes-Benz brand. The results of these latest studies provide confirmation for the work we do.”

The J.D. Power Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study undertaken by the global market research company J.D. Power, based in Los Angeles, is seen as an important guide for buyers.

For this current study, the market research specialists undertook an online survey of more than 17,000 motorists in Germany, asking about their experience with their vehicle. All of them had at that point been driving the car for around two years and driven almost 39,000 kilometres. The survey is therefore based on the experience of over 650 million kilometres of everyday driving. In order for a reliable assessment of the strengths and weakness of each model to be made, the owners were asked to give marks for overall satisfaction, quality and reliability, vehicle appeal, service and ownership costs.

The positive image of the premium automotive brand Mercedes-Benz is rounded off by the silver award presented for the E-Class by the editors of the German magazine AUTO TEST. The results are based on more than 500 tests and pre-purchase consultations as well as on almost two million driven kilometres, and add up to a well-founded guide for buyers.

Mercedes-Benz vehicles thus take the lead among some of the most desirable premium passenger cars, whilst also proving themselves in terms of their excellent reliability and value retention.

Source: Daimler AG