For some years now, Daimler’s tech@school project has been actively encouraging young people to take an interest in the engineering profession by staging experiments in which pupils can be involved and presenting talks. As part of the project, Dr Thomas Weber, member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG with responsibility for Group Research and Head of Development, Mercedes-Benz Cars, will be the guest of the Wirtemberg Gymnasium high school on 30 June.

“It is the young people of today who will continue to write the history of mobility tomorrow,” says Dr Weber. “It is thus all the more important to encourage them to take keen interest in the technologies of the future while they are still young. We need an up-and-coming generation of qualified and committed young people who are interested in technology and able to evolve and develop innovative ideas on their own initiative. The necessary foundations should be laid while these young people are still at school.”

On 30 June, Dr Weber will present a talk to the pupils of the Wirtemberg Gymnasium on the growing importance of alternative drive systems and Daimler AG’s commitment to sustainable mobility concepts. A special focus of the talk will be on zero-emission drive technologies and the attendant development of electric vehicles with fuel cell and battery. Daimler AG already has four different electric vehicles on the road today – ranging from a small city runabout to a van. After his talk, Dr Weber will be available to answer questions from the pupils and to inform them about the need for young people to take up technically oriented occupations.

On his own choice of occupation, the doctor of engineering observes: “Not once have I regretted my decision to become an engineer. There are few things in the world that move people as much as the car. Actively shaping the future of individual mobility is an incredibly exciting and fascinating task.”

The tech@school project of Daimler AG is part of the Genius initiative which has been offering and developing educational activities for children and young people since 2009. The Genius knowledge community seeks to instil an enthusiasm for technical careers in young people as a means of heightening the interest in science and technology in the long term. In particular, Genius is also intended to encourage an interest in the engineering profession among girls and to provide them with a better understanding of technical disciplines.

Source: Daimler AG