It’s 60 years since the first Unimog rolled off the production line at the plant in Gaggenau. Mercedes-Benz is holding a big anniversary celebration to mark the occasion. Fans, club members, owners of classic vehicles, drivers and owners of current models can look forward to an unforgettable day on Saturday, 4 June.

Everything that has gone into building up the Unimog’s legendary reputation can be experienced at this event: its great versatility, the unique vehicle concept and the durability of the vehicles. The enthusiasm for this “Universal-Motor-Gerät” – which resulted in its popular name “Unimog” – started almost at the beginning and still carries on today, both in the everyday world of vehicle owners and drivers as well as among those thousands of fans who are proud of their hobby of having a classic Unimog of their very own. Precisely 60 such vehicles will take part on 4 June in the Unimog rally, which will go from the previous production location in Gaggenau via the Unimog Museum to the plant in Wörth, where the Unimog is produced today.

Off-road course, “Old against New”, tour of the plant
The anniversary celebration at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Wörth will feature a host of programme attractions. Alongside a large exhibition of historical Unimog vehicles, there will be spectacular demonstrations on the off-road course, a demonstration comparing “Old against New”, a show to demonstrate “Unimog versatility” and an opportunity to tour the plant.

For detailed information about the event as well as information on how to sign up to attend, visit

Birthday party at the Unimog Museum
On Sunday, 5 June, the celebrations will continue at the Unimog Museum in Gaggenau with an extensive programme of festivities for the entire family. Exceptional demonstrations with Unimog vehicles, specialist presentations, book-signings by famous authors of books on the Unimog and activities based on the Unimog as a model vehicle will provide for plenty of variety in the period between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Among other things, unique model vehicles and remotely controlled Unimogs will be presented and explained in detail. A large collectors’ fair will be held under the theme “Everything with the Star”. Models in all scales, brochures, badges and accessories with Unimog symbols will offer an almost unbelievable diversity. The museum itself, which was opened five years ago, will also play its part with a special edition of model vehicles and an anniversary badge. (More information is available at; dealers can register for the collectors’ fair by phoning 07225/ 981310.)

Source: Daimler AG