Mercedes-Benz today launches a major campaign to accompany the market launch of the new-generation C-Class. With its claim to be “a class ahead”, the integrated marketing campaign coolly and confidently underscores the C-Class’s ambition to lead its segment.

Thanks to a newly enhanced interior, which now meets the highest standards of design and comfort, in addition to an extremely comprehensive safety package, the latest generation of the top-selling Mercedes model offers the same high level as the current luxury class vehicles – and will once again set new standards in the compact intermediate premium segment.

“With the new-generation C-Class, Mercedes-Benz is making its latest innovations available to the intermediate class,” says Anders Sundt Jensen, Vice President Brand Communications Mercedes-Benz Cars. “With an approach that is both provocative and charming in style, the campaign turns a spotlight on the car’s innovative safety and comfort features, as well as on the high level of design quality found particularly in the interior.”

Using a broad-reaching mix of communication channels that combines the print media, TV, radio and the Internet, the campaign depicts the new-generation C-Class in dynamic vein. In particular a strong TV presence will guarantee broad visibility over the three-week period. The two 45 and 30-second TV advertisements take a humorous and cinematographic approach to the C-Class Saloon and Estate models, focusing in particular on the innovative ATTENTION ASSIST system, which detects and provides early warning of the onset of driver drowsiness. The 20-second pre-roll entitled “Souvenir” takes a enjoyable approach to the C-Class Estate’s 1,500-litre load capacity.

Whereas the TV ads and pre-roll are filmed in rural surroundings, for the print media the C-Class is photographed against an urban backdrop. The “living city look” highlights in particular the sportiness and dynamic qualities of the new-generation bestseller. In each case the vehicles are depicted in front of a real urban backdrop, which although unidentifiable in detail has been digitally enhanced to heighten the dramatic effect. Each advertisement highlights an outstanding feature of the new C-Class with a succinct message, for example “Never be content with only a little. Except when it comes to emissions.” to promote the car’s outstanding economy. In addition, a series of radio bi-spots will invite the general public to attend a dealership day on 26 March 2011.

Source: Daimler AG