With the claim “A big idea for…” smart is launching a new international brand campaign which focuses on the uniqueness of the vehicle’s concept in an unusual way. Five different stories are the common denominator for all communication activities.

Each story demonstrates a feature of the smart fortwo, accompanied by humorous illustrations. They tell how this innovative vehicle improves the quality of life in pulsating cities. As a whole new vehicle concept ahead of its time right from the start, the smart is showing that it is the real city car. Compact, agile and individual as well as economical and with electric drive – all assets of the smart are addressed in the campaign. For example, the smart fortwo is a big idea for “…the city” because it fits in every parking space or for “…more uniqueness” because the individual program smart BRABUS tailor made offers endless possibilities for a unique and individual design and equipment.

Dr. Annette Winkler, Head of smart says “Right from the start smart was ahead of its time: Not just the perfect car for the city with a trendsetting design – it was also “a big idea”, a strong vision and a solution for the ever-increasing mobility and environmental problems in growing cities around the world. Almost 13 years after the first smart rolled off the production line approximately 1.25 million vehicles have been sold and it is a familiar part of the city roadscape. Not later than today we have the situation that moved the inventors of the smart to design this most consistent of all city cars that was far ahead of its time. Now the time for the big “smart” idea has finally come, including the electric drive for which provisions were made right from the start – that’s what we want to demonstrate with our campaign.”

Marc Langenbrinck, Head of Sales & Marketing says “Our new campaign confidently communicates the leadership claim of the brand in the typical smart tongue-in-cheek manner as the inventor of the microcar segment and the best in class. The campaign clearly shows: The smart was, is and will be an icon, a big idea and a benefit for urban quality of life.”

[flv:http://blog.mercedes-benz-passion.com/smart_TVC_Love_EN.flv http://blog.mercedes-benz-passion.com/Smart_TVC_Love_.jpg 480 272]

The integrated campaign covers all communication channels – from print ads, posters and online banners to TV, online and cinema spots, a Facebook application and trade and dialogue marketing activities. It will also be integrated on the website www.smart.com and on smart’s mobile portal. smart markets around the world can select individual measures from the extensive communication package and implement them as required.

Source: Daimler AG