The Setra brand marked its attendance at this year’s UMA Motorcoach Expo bus trade show in Tampa, Florida (19 – 23 January 2011), by featuring a newly designed touring coach.

At the ceremony to unveil the coach, Lothar Holder, Director of Sales for Setra buses and coaches at EvoBus GmbH, said: “With the new ComfortClass S 407, we are now also positioning ourselves in the US business segment, and are offering coach operators a cost-effective alternative which fully meets all of our customers’ requirements with the customary high quality standards expected of Setra.”

Unlike the Setra TopClass S 417 which makes use of the European design concept, the new Setra ComfortClass S 407 is a classic touring coach based on North American design concepts. Series production of the vehicle is scheduled to begin in April 2011 in the German production plant in Neu-Ulm.

The visual appearance of the new touring coach is characterised by the standard American mirror system, as well as “Made in the USA” front and rear bumpers (EASB: Energy Absorbing Safety Bumper). Whereas at the rear of the vehicle this mechanism is securely bolted to the framework body, the front bumper can be folded down to provide access to the storage area for the spare wheel. A strong framework structure in the front area as well as the bumpers help to absorb any forces generated in the event of the vehicle being involved in a collision – a design which fully complies with American APTA guidelines. Also complying with the corresponding regulations is the rear bumper, which is fitted beneath a rear light system which has been specially designed for the ComfortClass S 407 and features LED technology. From the very moment production commences, a cathodic dip painting process helps to ensure even coating of the metal surfaces and cavities of the entire framework, therefore guaranteeing optimum surface quality and corrosion protection.

LED “docking lights” guarantee good all-round illumination of the vehicle. The spotlights feature particularly powerful light output and a long service life. In addition, the Setra ComfortClass S 407 can also be fitted with a cassette lift on the right side of the vehicle.

Environmentally friendly engine available in two power bands
Just like the TopClass S 417, the Setra ComfortClass S 407 fulfils the American emissions standard EPA 10 in respect of nitrogen oxides and soot particles. This is thanks to a Mercedes-Benz engine which has a power output of 306 kW/1966 Nm and is available as standard in conjunction with an Allison transmission. As an option the vehicle can also be fitted with an engine with a power output of 336 kW/2100 Nm. In the case of this more powerful engine, customers can optionally choose a ZF AS-Tronic or Allison transmission. As part of installing the environmentally friendly EPA10 engine, an additional tank (15 gallons) has also been integrated into the existing tank compartment for the diesel exhaust fluid mixture (DEF) which is used for exhaust treatment. The tank volume of the Setra ComfortClass S 407 totals 680 litres (180 gallons).
The Setra ComfortClass S 407 is fitted as standard with 58 seats from the new EvoBus seat generation range. Presented for the first time in 2010, these passenger seats provide the ultimate in seating comfort and also feature a low-weight design and exemplary functionality.

Canadian bus operator buys TopClass S 417 exhibition vehicle
The Setra ComfortClass S 407 was not the only highlight for visitors to this year’s trade show in Florida, however. The second exhibition vehicle, a Setra TopClass S 417, was also snapped up by a buyer during the show. The new owner is Canadian bus operator Trius Tours, which is based in Charlotte Town on Prince Edward Island. Offering tours through Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario and New England, the company is the largest private customer of the Daimler bus brand in Canada, currently owning a fleet which includes no fewer than 15 Setra touring coaches. The long-term goal of owner Mike Cassidy is to switch over to a fleet comprised entirely of Setra vehicles. The 13.67-metre-long Setra TopClass S 417 is the first facelifted Setra touring coach for Canada. Fitted with an integrated rear window and “Top Sky” glass roof, it can accommodate 56 passengers on high-quality travel seats. Thanks to its Mercedes-Benz OM 471 engines, it complies with the American emissions standard EPA 10 in respect of nitrogen oxides and soot particles. Its numerous safety features also include a Front Collision Guard (FCG).

The American version of the European TopClass 400 touring-coach generation – the S 417 – was presented in the United States for the first time in 2003, at the UMA Expo 2003 in Orlando, Florida.

Since this successful market launch, around 900 units of the luxury touring coach have already been sold in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

In 2010, Setra presented the facelifted variant. One of the main highlights of this enhanced version of the Setra TopClass S 417 was safety, something which the new vehicle demonstrated in a measure previously unseen in North America.

Source: Daimler AG