Another anniversary highlight is now available in Mercedes-Benz Museum Shop. This model car is a favourite car for every collector’s heart.

The detailed model of the Benz Patent Motor Car from 1886 and the research vehicle F 800 Style are united on a pedestal and are complemented by an additional packaging. The F 800 style was developed in collaboration with the Minimax model car manufacturer. The model is painted in the original color metallic Alubeam silver warm. The chrome trim elements and the radiator grille have been printed on high quality. The special edition model is limited to 125 pieces. You can buy the special edition model, also in the online store: Special Edition 125 Years Inventor of the automobile

F 800 Style
Year of construction: 2011
Color: Alubeam silver
Scale: 1:43
Manufacturer: Minimax

Benz Patent Motor Car
Year of construction: 1886
Color: green
Scale: 1:43
Manufacturer: Sonic International

Source: Mercedes-Benz Classic Store