Mercedes-Benz is now offering an elegant charging holder with aerial connection for the Nokia
6303, designed for all vehicles which feature Mercedes-Benz Convenience Telephony.

Extremely easy to use and with an elegant design, the holder (also known as a “cradle”) not only charges the cutting-edge mobile but also allows hands-free use of the phone and phone book download. The telephony function is realised via the standard Bluetooth connectivity. When clicked into place on the mount, the charging process for the mobile phone battery automatically commences, ensuring that constant use of the phone does not affect the charge status – even over longer periods. The convenient download of all saved contact numbers allows the numbers to be shown clearly in the vehicle display, as the mobile features PBAP (Phone Book Access Profile), and makes it easier for the driver to search for a specific contact. The phone status also appears in the display. Order number A212 820 0451.

Source: Daimler AG