InCar Hotspot: wireless internet access for your GLK (X204). The product was previously only available for the GL‑Class (X164), the M‑Class (W164), the C‑Class (W/S204), the CL‑Class (C216), the E‑Class (W/S212) and for the S‑Class (W/V221).

With the InCar Hotspot data signals are received via the vehicle’s aerial. The InCar Hotspot is a WLAN router, specially designed for in-car use. In conjunction with a data-enabled SIM card, it establishes a wireless internet connection even when the vehicle is in motion. Up to four WLAN end devices (for example laptop, smartphone, iPod touch) can be connected to the internet at the same time. The Mercedes-Benz InCar Hotspot supports the high-speed transmission standard HSDPA, plus UMTS and GSM/EDGE. The InCar Hotspot is installed in the load compartment. Part number for the InCar Hotspot-Kit is A204 900 5705.

Source: Daimler AG