Mercedes-Benz is now also offering the new, cutting-edge Mercedes-Benz hands-free system (HFP)
for pre-facelift A‑Class (W/C169) and B‑Class (W245) models which are fitted with Audio 20 CD.
With its supremely convenient Bluetooth hands-free function and elegant, timeless design.

The hands-free system is perfectly positioned within reach of the driver. Irrespective of the vehicle
interior, the hands-free system is integrated elegantly and harmoniously into the vehicle. Before the hands-free system is used for the first time, the mobile has to be paired with it. The new hands-free system couldn’t be simpler to fit – no tools are required. It is operated using the wireless controller. This is attached in the area of the centre armrest. Once the mobile has been paired with the hands-free system, the customer can receive and make phone calls. Combination with the on-board audio system ensures good comprehensibility in all driving situations. The convenient transfer of all saved contact numbers to the hands-free system via Bluetooth makes it easier for the driver to search for a specific contact. 1,000 contacts with up to 5 numbers per name can be transferred. With the optional iPod integration kit the iPod menu structure is transferred to the hands-free system. The iPod/iPhone is conveniently operated using the wireless controller.The hands-free system is simple to voice control. Up to 10 different mobiles can be paired with the hands-free system. Only one mobile is directly connected to the hands-free system at any given time. The part number for the A- and B-Class hands-free system kit is B6 788 0136. To use ist with Audio 20 you also need the additional cable with the part number B6 788 2007.

Source: Daimler AG