The success story of the MercedesServiceCard for commercially operated Mercedes-Benz trucks and vans continues. Since October, a full 30,000 customers have been able to use this Europe-wide cashless “on-the-road” service facility from Mercedes-Benz. A total of 160,000 Mercedes-Benz vehicles now travel with the MercedesServiceCard on board.

What is new is that the MercedesServiceCard is now also available for trailers and semitrailers – irrespective of the brand of tractor unit used. The only requirement is that the vehicle must be fitted with axles supplied by Mercedes-Benz TrailerAxleSystems. Nor does it matter whether the vehicle is new or used.

The MercedesServiceCard, for which there is no fee, is purely for use within the Mercedes-Benz service network – above all for fast and problem-free dealings with Mercedes-Benz Service 24h. The advantage: wherever the driver may be, there’s just one hotline number he needs to remember (00800/ 5 7777777), which is manned around the clock, 365 days a year. A customer-specific payment guarantee figure recorded on the card eliminates the need for time-consuming checks to ensure that costs are covered, for example by the driver’s home workshop. And language is also no longer a potential barrier. All this means that downtime is reduced, so saving the company time and therefore money.

Similarly, the customer benefits from being able to pay for repairs, order spare parts and access a range of services in the Mercedes-Benz service network – all without the need for cash. The network, with over 2000 locations, is the most extensive of any commercial vehicle manufacturer. Nor are the usual service surcharges applicable: a quick and secure check of the card will simply be made through the ServiceCardPortal. As another new feature the MercedesServiceCard also provides access to Continental’s tyre service, for which customers are automatically registered.

If so required, customers can also add the “Full Service package” option to the services outlined above. This gives the freedom to refuel, with attractive discounts, at one of the most extensive networks of filling stations in Europe, independent of brand, and to use the card to pay for all tunnel and ferry costs, as well as all European toll charges.

Source: Daimler AG