At Mercedes-Benz, design develops as a result of the interplay between the brand’s consciousness of tradition and its orientation toward the future. The star brand is therefore pursuing a long-term design strategy which ensures that a Mercedes is always recognizable as a Mercedes.

In the process, the designers use a distinctive design idiom in order to give each vehicle an individual sensual tone that meets the highest aesthetic standards. In all of the model series, the vehicle design reflects the brand’s basic attributes of safety, quality, performance, dynamism, and innovative strength.

The continuous development of the Mercedes design idiom is a shared mission performed by more than 450 employees in Sindelfingen and four studios in Italy, Japan, China, and the U.S. They refine the stylistic attributes and come up with new ideas to build “design bridges” into the future. As a consequence, the Mercedes-Benz design idiom remains alive in every detail — always modern, but never faddish.

Reinterpretation of the typical Mercedes-Benz brand design idiom
A glimpse of the future design idiom of Mercedes-Benz is provided by the F 800 Style research vehicle, which is both a technology platform and a design statement. The F 800 Style was created through close cooperation between the technical research and advance engineering departments and the advanced design studios in Sindelfingen and Como, Italy. Its exterior appearance is marked by a long wheelbase, short body overhangs, and a sensually flowing roof line. The exciting coupe-like roof line, and in general the vehicle’s balanced proportions, lend it a stylish sporty look that reinterprets the Mercedes-Benz design idiom.

Source: Daimler AG