The Mercedes-Benz E-Class and the SLS AMG super-sports car have the lowest value depreciation in their segment, and have accordingly been dubbed the “2014 residual value champions” by the German internet news magazine “Focus online”.

Moreover, Mercedes-Benz vehicles proved to have the highest value retention in a 2010 study by the motoring magazine “Auto Bild”, an independent assessment confirming a major financial advantage.

According to the residual value forecast by “Focus online”, the Mercedes-Benz E 200 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY will be the upper medium-class car with the lowest value depreciation in three years time. As a used car the saloon will still achieve 53.5 percent of its current new value, easily taking the top position in this important segment. In terms of absolute euro figures, Mercedes-Benz also has the lowest value depreciation in this vehicle segment.

In three years time, admirers of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG will still have to pay 59 percent of the new price for a used example. The exciting gull-wing model therefore not only offers the latest technology, outstanding performance and a thrilling driving experience, but is also an excellent financial investment as a “2014 residual value champion”. A look back at history confirms this prospect, as very high prices are nowadays paid for the legendary gull-wing of the 1950s.

The rankings for the “2014 residual value champion” tables are the result of calculations by the Saarbrücken-based market research institute Bähr & Fess Forecast. This highly respected company has regularly examined the residual values of used vehicles on the basis of numerous data for many years. On behalf of “Focus online” the institute established which vehicles could be expected to have the highest residual values if purchased new in October 2010 and resold in October 2014.

At the beginning of this year the motoring magazine “Auto Bild” already gave its “Value Champion 2010” award to the Mercedes-Benz E, C, S and R-Class for the highest value retention in their segment. This confirmed the findings of studies that have regularly shown Mercedes-Benz vehicles to be among those with the highest value retention.

Source: Daimler AG