The Mercedes-Benz safety car has been used since the 1996 French GP in Magny-Cours. The first Safety Car was the Mercedes-Benz C36 AMG company car of Bernd Mayländer (Registration number: S-BM 300).

Since the first run of the Mercedes-Benz Safety Car in 1996 until the 2010 Abu Dhabi GP a total of 250 races took place: there were 90 races (equivalent 36%) with at least one Safety Car period. The Safety Car was deployed 135 times. Out of a total of 15.528 race laps 574 laps were completed behind the Safety Car. Since the Safety Car’s first run in the1996 French GP, it has covered 2853.9 km (equivalent to 3.8% of the total race distance of 75,657 until the Abu Dhabi GP).

Source: Daimler AG