Recently at the Paris Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz picked up the prestigious Euro NCAP Advanced Reward safety prize for its anticipatory occupant protection system PRE-SAFE® and also PRE-SAFE® Brake driver assistance system.

Now the company is continuing to pursue its global safety strategy by holding its first Roadshow Safety in Australia. As part of a series of events to be held at the company’s Australian headquarters in Mulgrave, Victoria, Mercedes-Benz engineers will present the latest innovations in the fields of active and passive safety. At the same time, the specialists will also provide journalists and safety experts with an insight into what the company is currently researching and working on at the Mercedes-Benz Technology Center in Sindelfingen.

Avoiding accidents and mitigating their consequences: this is what Mercedes-Benz’s safety philosophy is all about. And it will be possible to experience the company’s comprehensive approach to safety at the Roadshow in the form of the ESF 2009 experimental safety car which, like its predecessor, brings together and clearly illustrates the groundbreaking innovations which have been achieved in the area of safety. “Safety is a central element of the Mercedes-Benz brand. We have been setting the pace in the market for almost 70 years now, not just for the benefit of our own customers, but for all road users in general. The ESF 2009 demonstrates that we still have lots of ideas and we are absolutely committed to leading the automotive industry in this field in the future too”, according to Ulrich Mellinghoff, Head of Mercedes Safety Development.

Other topics to be featured at the event will include sustainable mobility and safety, and also new driver assistance systems. Mercedes-Benz will also provide first-hand demonstrations of the effectiveness of its innovative safety systems with the aid of two simulators. The assistance systems simulator enables participants to experience in a realistic way how a range of assistance systems work in an S-Class under different traffic conditions. The PRE-SAFE® demonstrator, meanwhile, allows the occupants to experience not only the effects of the PRE-SAFE® functions first hand, such as belt pretensioning, NECK-PRO and the inflatable side bolsters on the seats, but also the restraining effect of the seat belts during an impact.

The events in Australia will be attended by journalists, government representatives, experts from safety organisations and also Mercedes-Benz customers. In the coming months, the Mercedes-Benz safety team is also planning to hold further events in other locations around the world.

Source: Daimler AG