The second issue of Daimler’s technology and innovation magazine TECHNICITY is released on October 25, 2010 and here ready for download.

Under the title “TECHNICITY – magazine for innovation, technology, mobility,” Daimler with this new medium is reinforcing its technology and innovation communications in corporate publishing. TECHNICITY groups together significant perspectives and trends from Daimler’s research and development facilities with topics independent of the company. Urban mobility solutions, technology and innovation processes within the Group, and trends in creativity and innovation in science, research, and development are treated in a global context.

The overriding topic of the new issue is: “FUEL CELL FUTURE. The integrated use of fuel cell technology in series production is just around the corner.”

– TECHNOLOGY: From vision to drive concept. The fuel cell between everyday use and a fascinating technology for the future.

– SYSTEM: The drive system comprising electric motor, battery, and fuel cell. A survey of the interaction between the high-tech elements in Mercedes-Benz F-CELL vehicles.

– INFRASTRUCTURE: From production to the tank. The practical application of hydrogen as an energy medium today and tomorrow.

– THE EXPERT’S VIEW: Jeremy Rifkin, President of the “Foundation on Economic Trends,” explains why hydrogen technology could become the basis of a third Industrial Revolution.

Further topics in the second issue include the following:

– Mobility concepts: How new mobility concepts help improve individual transport in major cities.

– Intelligent light: How smart lighting technologies increase safety and enhance well-being.

– Innovation processes: How comfort can be measured – and customers can help shape innovation processes in companies.

– Idea management: Why modern idea and patent management is indispensable in businesses today.

Source: Daimler AG