All-wheel drive, two-axle vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 16.5 or 18.0 tonnes, as well as three-axle vehicles with a maximum of 25.0 or 27.0 tonnes: this is what is on offer from the Mercedes-Benz Zetros range of all-terrain cab-behind-engine trucks – a range based to the greatest extent on established large-scale production technology, but which has been carefully modified for heavy-duty off-road applications.

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The payload (excluding body) in the case of the two-axle models is almost ten tonnes, while for the three-axle models (also excluding body) it is 16 tonnes. The entire vehicle and components have been tested and verified for the most difficult off-road applications in accordance with the demanding quality standards of Mercedes-Benz, using simulations, test bench trials and also extreme summer and winter road tests. The driver’s cab of the cab-behind-engine Mercedes-Benz Zetros has been newly developed, while the powertrain and chassis are based primarily on the Actros and Axor model series. Thanks to this modular construction principle, customers are able to enjoy benefits in terms of cost-savings, service and quality. The Mercedes-Benz Zetros was developed at the Wörth plant and is also produced there.

Source: Daimler AG