Mobile entertainment is what the Apple iPad is all about. Thanks to an innovative docking station, Mercedes-Benz Accessories is now demonstrating how the tablet computer could be integrated into the rear of many Mercedes-Benz models.

The prototype of the docking station is being presented at the Paris Motor Show in an S-Class, and the plan is to launch the integration solution for the iPad onto the market for a variety of Mercedes models after development for series production. Mounted on the back of the front seats at head restraint height, the holder significantly extends the usability of the iPad: the battery of the tablet PC begins to charge as soon as the device is placed in the holder.

Once at the destination, it can be simply removed without having to be switched off, and during the journey all of the entertainment products stored on the iPad can continue to be used. The docking station can be turned and tilted to achieve the best viewing angle, and if the vehicle is fitted with the Mercedes-Benz InCar Hotspot then even an iPad without UMTS functionality can enjoy the benefit of a full connection to the Internet.

The frame of the docking station, along with the attachment to the seat structure, have also been designed and verified in line with the high safety standards applied at Mercedes-Benz. A significant safety benefit is provided by the fact that the iPad is anchored in the docking station – unlike a device held in the hand or placed on a seat – and in the event of an accident cannot fly uncontrolled through the vehicle, potentially causing injury.

Installation of the docking station takes approximately 1.5 hours, and the vehicle does not require any preinstallation. All in all, the docking station is the perfect match for Mercedes-Benz in terms of its design, look and functionality, and at the same time also highlights the high quality feel of the vehicle interior.

Source: Daimler AG