A selection of statements by Paul Di Resta, Bruno Spengler, Gary Paffett, Ralf Schumacher, David Coulthard and Norbert Haug before the 10th DTM race in Adria/Italy:

Paul Di Resta (AMG Mercedes C-Class), winner of the last three races at Brands Hatch, Oschersleben and Hockenheim, and also current leader in the DTM overall rankings:
“46 out of a possible 50 points in the last five races is an excellent result for me. Since Hockenheim I have been three points ahead of Bruno at the top of the table. I really hope that I can continue my current form in the next two races in Adria and Shanghai. I’m aiming for the championship title, and will be pushing with everything I’ve got to achieve it. But I’m facing two other very strong competitors in the team, namely Bruno and Gary, both of whom have the same goal, and I don’t want to come second to either of them. Whatever happens it will be exciting. Given the lack of opportunities for overtaking at Adria, the qualifying session there is going to be extremely important.”

Bruno Spengler (Mercedes-Benz Bank AMG C-Class), currently second in the DTM overall rankings after the nine races of the 2010 DTM season, and just three points behind the leader Paul Di Resta:
“After the technical problems which I had causing me to drop out at Hockenheim and pick up no points, I’m now really optimistic about the next race in Adria. My chances in the title race are still extremely promising. The last time I was in Adria was in 2004, taking part in the Formula 3 Euro Series – it’s a challenging circuit which has the most corners per kilometre of any of the tracks in the current DTM calendar. It’s also a short circuit combining narrow chicanes with 180-degree bends. We have to brake at the hairpin bend right down to 60 – 70 km/h, which puts extreme loads on the brakes. I’m all fired up for the race and totally motivated to make sure that the championship is decided in my favour – time will tell!”

Gary Paffett (Salzgitter AMG Mercedes C-Class), currently in third place in the DTM overall rankings:
“I’m the only Mercedes driver to have already driven in the DTM at Adria, and although it was around six years ago, I’m hoping that it will give me a slight advantage. I’m currently in third place in the overall rankings, lying 14 points behind Paul and 11 points behind Bruno. As long as it’s still mathematically possible, I’m not going to give up the fight for the title. The narrow, slow corners and hairpin bends in Adria are extremely demanding on the tyres. Traction is particularly important there, and it will be the deciding factor when it comes to victory or defeat.”

Ralf Schumacher (Laureus AMG Mercedes C-Class), lined up on the starting grid at Hockenheim for the fifth time in the DTM:
“First of all I would like to congratulate Mercedes-Benz and our HWA team on the DTM title win. It’s now going to be decided whether the champion will be Paul, Bruno or Gary. I can’t really comment on Adria since, like most of my colleagues at Mercedes and Audi, I’m not familiar with it yet. However I’m a really quick learner when it comes to new circuits, and I hope to be able to apply all of my experience and know-how. After an initial glance at the circuit layout, I notice that it’s a short track and there is also the narrow hairpin bend where you really have to decelerate sharply. That could suit me, because the Norisring circuit also has similar hairpin bends and I’ve always done well there.”

David Coulthard (Deutsche Post AMG Mercedes C-Class), driving in his 10th DTM race at Adria:
“The Adria Raceway is again a completely new circuit for me this year. According to what I’ve heard, it’s going to be really difficult to overtake there since there are some narrow curved sections and no real long straights. So a lot will therefore rest on achieving a really good qualifying result. I have already proven that I can quickly get used to a new circuit in my first DTM season at the Eurospeedway Lausitz. What’s more exciting is who will now emerge as champion out of the three Mercedes drivers vying for the title – Paul, Bruno or Gary. I’d be happy for any one of them to win the title. I’m particularly pleased for the Mercedes fans when it comes to these driver and team titles. Either way, the title is going to the star in Stuttgart and that’s a good thing. Well done!”

Norbert Haug
“Of course, after the outcome of the last race in Hockenheim, we are now in a very comfortable position as we are driving to decide the result of the DTM title between three Mercedes drivers. It’s not often that we get such a situation in the world of motorsport and we are going to get a great deal of satisfaction out of it. Whether it will be Gary, Bruno or Paul who clinches it – I don’t know and in fact none of us knows. The only thing we all do know is that the battle for the title will be a hard but fair sporting fight, and will most definitely not be determined by strategic games or team orders. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed towards getting us into this position. However, it does not of course mean that we are automatically going to win at the Adria Raceway.”

Source: Daimler AG