The 2000th Setra super high-decker (HDH) model from the TopClass 400 range of touring coaches has been handed over by Lothar Holder, Head of Setra Bus and Coach Sales at EvoBus GmbH, to Dr Pierdomenico Gnes, President of Dolomiti Bus S.p.A., Belluno.

Speaking on the occasion of the handover of the landmark coach at the EvoBus Customer Centre in Neu-Ulm, Lothar Holder highlighted the importance of associating the requirements of an efficient and well-known bus and coach operating company with the quality and capabilities of the vehicle manufacturer. “Coming up with a particularly attractive design to meet the high standards which Dolomiti Bus sets for its vehicles is always a special challenge for us at Setra”, said Holder.

Public limited company Dolomiti Bus and its subsidiary tour operator Dolomiti Tours S.r.l, which was established in 2004, are based in the provincial capital Belluno (Veneto region). It is the largest transport company in the province and one of Setra’s largest and most important reference customers in northern Italy. Dolomiti Bus has been part of the Setra family since 1999. During the ten years of partnership between the two companies a total of 117 Setra vehicles have been acquired for rural regular-service and touring operations. The touring coach fleet of Dolomiti Tours is made up exclusively of Setra TopClass 400 vehicles.

Dolomiti Bus is also the mainstay of reliable municipal transport services in Italy’s north-eastern province. Rural transport between the region’s 69 municipalities with their 200,000-plus inhabitants is provided by Setra S 415 NF (low-floor), S 315/415 H and S 317/417 UL rural-service buses. The first vehicle, which was acquired in 1999, was an S 315 UL while the 100th vehicle – an S 415 UL – was delivered just eight years later in 2007.

Source: Daimler AG