The innovations from Mercedes-Benz Trucks at the Hanover International Motor Show focus on quality, safety, economy, environmental friendliness and comfort. The revolutionary Active Brake Assist feature now offers even more extensive safety functions, the Actros Edition is the stuff of drivers’ dreams and the new Atego and Axor bring unprecedented comfort and functionality to distribution operations.

New Active Brake Assist 2: the life-saver now brakes ahead of stationary obstacles, too
Making the safest truck in the world even safer: Mercedes-Benz is introducing the second generation of Active Brake Assist in the heavy-duty Actros truck. This multiple award-winning safety system has now surpassed itself yet again: while it previously initiated braking automatically when slowly moving obstacles ahead posed a threat of a rear-end collision, Active Brake Assist 2 now also intervenes to counter the danger of stationary obstacles, such as the vehicles at the tail end of an unexpected traffic jam. To date, Active Brake Assist has demonstrated its capabilities in impressive guise in more than 14,000 trucks which have together clocked up over a billion kilometres on the roads of Europe.

The radar-controlled system recognises vehicle contours
Similarly to its predecessor, Active Brake Assist 2 is also based on a system incorporating three radar lobes. These scan an area ranging from 7 to 150 m in the lane ahead of the truck and continuously determine the speed difference in relation to a vehicle ahead and the distance from any stationary obstacles. If an accident is unavoidable in the current mode of driving, the driver is warned first by a visual signal and then by an acoustic alarm. If the situation becomes more critical, the system will respond by braking the vehicle.

The contours of vehicles are stored in the system, thus ensuring that Active Brake Assist responds solely to vehicles and not to smaller obstacles such as lost parts of loads. The warning concept is designed such that the driver is able to take evasive action to counter a critical situation himself, without the aid of automatic braking intervention.

Effective from 8 to 88 km/h and in all weather and light conditions
The tried and tested radar technology incorporated in Active Brake Assist 2 ensures that the new generation again remains unaffected by weather and light conditions. Like its predecessor, it is also active throughout the entire speed range from 8 km/h up to cut-in of the limiter at 88 km/h. While Active Brake Assist cannot always prevent accidents, its automatic braking intervention substantially reduces the speed of collision and the attendant consequences of any accident.

Actros Edition: the stuff of dreams for truck drivers
The most exclusive and attractive long-haul trucks bearing the Mercedes star go by the name of Actros Edition Black Liner and White Liner. The Actros Edition is available in a diamond white or obsidian black paint finish, with a broad double stripe adorning the cab. Exterior mirror trims with chrome elements, steps in stainless steel, headlamp trims, LED daytime driving lights and LED clearance lamps underscore the vehicle’s striking appearance.

The interior is the stuff of drivers’ dreams. Leather seats and leather door panels featuring special stitching, a leather steering wheel and leather armrests conjure up an exclusive setting. The window sills and vent grilles are finished in fine black wood. The further scope of standard fittings and equipment, from the illuminated star through the electric tilting/sliding sunroof to automatic climate control, combines comfort and functionality in an aesthetic guise.

Safety and economy also receive due consideration. The extended scope of standard features for the Actros Edition includes Active Brake Assist, Lane Keeping Assist and the driver’s airbag. Air deflectors, cab-side extenders and aerodynamic side panelling further reduce the vehicle’s low fuel consumption.

New features make the Actros an even more useful and attractive proposition
The optional new Dura Bright wheels for the Actros combine design merits with functionality. A new, particularly robust and easy-care surface finish lends the aluminium wheels a special brilliance.
With a coupling point height of just 930 mm, the Actros is already the benchmark in the lowliner class. The optional new 315/45 tyre size lowers this level by a further 20 mm – a key advantage for transport operations making full use of the maximum permissible height of 4 m.

Also in keeping with practical needs, the Actros Edition is prepared ex-factory for swap-body chassis at a ground clearance of 1120 mm. This shortens delivery times and eliminates retrofitting costs. Detachable frame components such as air vessel, tank or spare wheel are relocated and a floodlight at the rear facilitates manoeuvring.

The low fuel consumption of the Actros featuring V6 engines is now further reduced by a two-stage water pump which results in additional savings of up to 0.5%. The new battery status indicator in the Actros minimises the risk of breakdown due to a discharged battery. It warns the driver when the starting capacity is at risk as a result of prolonged periods out of use.

The new Atego: new design in the style of the Actros
The new Mercedes-Benz Atego is distinguished by its modern Actros-style appearance. The newly designed front section featuring a striking radiator grille emphasizes the fact that the vehicle belongs to Mercedes-Benz’s heavy-duty truck range. The grille is now also optionally available in an individual painted finish.

Comprehensively revamped cockpit
The cab’s interior offers a wealth of new features. All variants are now equipped with a multifunction steering wheel to operate the on-board computer, telephone and radio. The new instrument cluster featuring chrome ring surrounds for the speedometer and rev counter is graphics-capable, enabling the display of additional functions such as connection to the FleetBoard telematics system or navigation devices.

The standard equipment of the new Atego further includes new seat covers, head restraints integrated in the backrests and a clothes rail with adjustable hooks. Optional multifunction stowage facilities on the engine tunnel with integrated drinks and bottle holders, desk or dining table pads and stowage compartments/oddments trays enable the driver’s cockpit to be arranged according to individual needs. An optional cool box in two segments with a total capacity of 23 l accommo­dates four 1.5-litre bottles in an upright position. The lid is split into two segments to facilitate removal of the bottles while driving. The new Atego continues to offer the unique choice of three different cockpit variants – distributor, long-haul and comfort – and four different cab sizes.

Broad range of drive configurations tailored to diverse modes of deployment
Three BlueTec engines designed to Euro 5 standard cover the range from 95 kW (129 hp) to 210 kW (286 hp) in seven stages. A full range of EEV variants is additionally available as of 2010 for the large-volume models. The engines of the new Atego can be combined with a start/stop system. This reduces fuel consumption in urban distribution transportation by up to 2.8%.

The Atego is also leading the way with regard to alternative drives. Production of the innovation fleet comprising the first 50 Atego BlueTec Hybrids will begin this autumn. Depending on its mode of use, the Hybrid will lower fuel consumption by 10-15%, accompanied by corresponding reductions in CO2 emissions.

New variants and technical features geared to customers’ specific needs
The 12 t Atego with low frame now offers a towing capacity of 8 t and attains a permissible truck/trailer combination weight of 20 t. As such, the toll-free truck also lends itself to use as part of a high-payload truck/trailer combination. A new addition to the Atego range is a 16 t variant, which can be deployed with trailers up to a truck/trailer combination weight of 28 t. A new permanent magnet retarder is available as a world first for truck/trailer combinations in topographically demanding regions. This wear-free auxiliary brake relieves the strain on brakes and tyres and enhances driving safety. It weighs in at just 39 kg.

The new Axor: with Mercedes PowerShift automatic gearshift system as standard in Germany
Alongside the Atego, Mercedes-Benz is presenting the latest version of the Axor. This is the only vehicle of its class to be fitted with the automatic PowerShift gearshift system from Mercedes-Benz as standard in Germany in the upper power range (360-430 hp). This system optimises fuel consumption and enhances the standard of comfort for the driver. Mercedes PowerShift helps to reduce the driver’s workload in busy distribution operations and guarantees constant high gear-shifting quality throughout a long service life. The twelve-gear Mercedes PowerShift transmissions furthermore reduce the strain on clutch and drivetrain, thus minimising wear.

Updated cab design, interior more comfortable than ever
The latest Axor features a new cab design. The characteristic grille identifies the vehicle as belonging to the Mercedes-Benz brand. Similarly to the Atego, the new Axor also features a thoroughly revamped interior. A leather multifunction steering wheel now comes as standard. The high-calibre standard range of equipment further includes a new graphics-capable instrument cluster in high-quality Highline design, modified switch pods, a clothes rail with four hooks, seats with integrated head restraints and floor mats. Before boarding the Axor, the new key design hints at the changes the latest version of the vehicle holds in store. Additional multifunction stowage facilities, a practical high-capacity cool box and a host of other details provide scope for further individualisation of the driver’s cab.

A new development and a supreme example of customer orientation is an Axor variant known as the light-duty mixer. By means of various measures, the kerb weight of the four-axle vehicle (axle formula 8×4/4) can be reduced by up to 500 kg, to the benefit of the payload.

Optimised for maximum utility value and featuring high-performance and markedly economical BlueTec engines in the power range from 175 kW (238 hp) to 315 kW (428 hp), the Mercedes-Benz Axor is a unique proposition in its class.

Source: Daimler AG