Leading innovator Mercedes-Benz TrailerAxleSystems is underlining its status as the No. 1 for service. In future, freight companies will be able to count on extra assistance throughout Europe, as the MercedesServiceCard now encompasses services for any trailer or semitrailer running on axles from Mercedes-Benz TrailerAxleSystems.

This business unit of Daimler AG can be visited in its traditional location at the International Commercial Vehicle Show, on its stand in the component supplier section in Hall 26.

New: 2000 service partners for axles, tyres and trailers
The dense network of over 2000 Mercedes-Benz service partners covering the whole of Europe has always been on hand to carry out maintenance and repair on the axles from Mercedes-Benz TrailerAxleSystems. And now freight companies can use the MercedesServiceCard for trailers with Mercedes-Benz axles as a means of payment for the Mercedes-Benz service partner’s bill – regardless of who the tractor unit is manufactured by. The MercedesServiceCard can be requested for both new and old trailers and semitrailers with Mercedes-Benz axles.

Freight companies gain from the boundless, Europe-wide breakdown service, free use of the 24-hour emergency number, a swift and unbureaucratic means of cashless payment with no service charges, as well as Mercedes-Benz’s unrivalled pan-European replacement parts organisation. The service covers tyre repairs too.

What’s more, there is no fee for the MercedesServiceCard either. It can be applied for either in writing at the International Commercial Vehicle Show itself or online by going to www.dca-family.com or www.servicecards-info.com.

Mercedes-Benz TrailerAxleSystems – the leading innovator in its sector
With this new service product, Mercedes-Benz TrailerAxleSystems is once again distinguishing itself as a driver of innovation in its sector – a role which the business unit has been fulfilling since 1996. This was the year in which Mercedes-Benz started to offer axles for trailers and semitrailers, and revolutionised the industry by bringing out trailer axles with disc brakes. Since then, Mercedes-Benz TrailerAxleSystems has gradually built up a flawless product family and acquired a leading role with its products from the largest commercial vehicle axle plant thanks to a string of innovations and high standards of quality.

New: preparation for cost-saving tyre inflation systems
Mercedes-Benz TrailerAxleSystems makes a name for itself time and time again with novel technical solutions. This year, the business unit is presenting trailer axles prepared for tyre inflation systems as yet another first. The systems are connected up to the trailer’s compressed air supply, allowing compressed air to be fed through the trailer axle to the tyre valves. In this way, the tyre inflation system automatically compensates for any loss of pressure in the tyres.

The tyre inflation system offers obvious advantages: for one, the permanent monitoring of the air pressure maximises tyre life at the same time as minimising fuel consumption. There is no need for the driver to carry out regular, time-consuming tyre pressure checks, while costly downtime and waiting time resulting from flat tyres is kept to a minimum. The preparation for a tyre inflation system is available for the DCA Weightmaster and DCA Megamaster axles with an offset of 120 millimetres in any brake variant.

DCA Weightmaster and DCA Megamaster: thriving bestsellers
First brought out in 2003, the DCA Weightmaster forms the basis for the entire current family of 9t axles from Mercedes-Benz TrailerAxleSystems and is deployed in virtually all trailers. In 2006, the DCA Megamaster was developed from it especially for high-volume semitrailers with an interior height of 3.0 m. The two axles are both available with offsets of ET 120 and ET 0 as well as for 19.5-inch and 22.5-inch wheels with a brake diameter of either 370 mm or 430 mm.

The DCA Weightmaster as well as the DCA Megamaster likewise turned the trailer axle sector on its head when they were premiered with their many design innovations. On both, the trailing arms, axle tube, brake flange and axle journal are integrated into a single unit, the compact axle housing. It is extremely durable, yet very light too. Furthermore, the axle as a whole consists of just 120 pieces, which has the advantage of reducing the work involved in its production, while extending service life and minimising servicing costs.

DCA Airmaster: the only axle in the world with a compressed air reservoir
The unveiling of the DCA Airmaster at the 2006 International Commercial Vehicle Show heralded a revolution in the trailer axle segment. Today, the axle is in high demand and for good reason, as the DCA Airmaster continues to be the only axle in the world which stores compressed air for the braking and air suspension systems in the axle housing. Each axle has a storage capacity of up to 40 litres of compressed air, removing the need for conventional compressed air reservoirs on the semitrailer or trailer.

This supplementary function saves space underneath the trailer as well as saving up to 50 kg in weight. Despite the integral compressed air reservoir, however, the DCA Airmaster axle weighs no more than the familiar lightweight DCA Weight­master trailer axle: in its lightest version for standard trailers, it tips the scales at just 395 kg.

DCA Steermaster: the lightest steered trailer axle in its class
The DCA axle family is completed by a steered trailer axle, the DCA Steermaster. The DCA Steermaster is the most recent addition to the family and an extremely light one too. The combination of two DCA Weightmaster axles and a DCA Steermaster to form a standard three-axle trailer assembly weighs in at considerably less than the lightest competitor. The resulting increase in payload capacity translates into hard cash for transportation jobs where weight is crucial, particularly in tanker, silo and construction applications.
At the same time, the DCA Steermaster enhances the trailer’s manoeuvrability enormously with its maximum turning angle of 16 degrees. The resulting reduction in tyre scrape when cornering lessens tyre wear and lowers the fuel consumption of a 40t semitrailer combination by some three percent. Assuming a standard annual mileage for long-distance transport of 150,000 km, this equates to a yearly saving of 1000 litres of diesel, cutting costs notably at the same time as reducing CO2 emissions.

The new axle additionally includes an air bellows for variable control of the return forces as a function of the load being carried. This has the benefit of retaining the axle’s steering function even when the vehicle is unladen.

The DCA Steermaster can be combined with all of the axle versions and ride heights in the DCA family. The axle is designed for wheels with an offset of 120 mm (ET 120) and can be equipped with disc brakes measuring 370 mm or 430 mm in diameter. All of the steering elements are attached at the upper rear when viewed in the direction of travel for optimum protection against damage. The use of proven steering components facilitates servicing and stocking of replacement parts. Like all axles in the DCA family, the DCA Steermaster also comes equipped with maintenance-free compact bearings.

Mercedes-Benz TrailerAxleSystems at the 2010 IAA Commercial Vehicle Show
The DCA Steermaster, DCA Airmaster and DCA Weightmaster trailer axles as well as the axle preparation for a tyre inflation system are being exhibited on stand D28 in Hall 26.

Source: Daimler AG