Where others have to admit defeat, these trucks really come into their own: Special Trucks from Mercedes-Benz can simply do more. The compact Unimog U 20, for example, makes the perfect pump water tender and the Unimog U 500 implement carrier is now making its mark in the field of agricultural logistics. The off-road specialist U 4000/U 5000 is partnered in heavy-duty applications by the Zetros all-wheel-drive cab-behind-engine truck. The Econic, a collection and distribution professional, is now fitted as standard with BlueTec EEV, making it even more environmentally friendly.

Unimog U 20: from implement carrier to pump water tender
The compact Unimog U 20 is familiar as a versatile, high-traction implement carrier with all-wheel drive. Now it is opening up a new segment as a pump water tender for the fire services. It corresponds to the draft standard for light-duty vehicles TLF 10/20, with a permissible gross vehicle weight of 9.3 t, a compact fire-fighting vehicle with a maximum pump output of at least 1000 l water per minute and at least 2000 l of water for fire fighting on board.

Thanks to its compact dimensions (vehicle width 2.15 m / turning circle 12.6 m), the Unimog U 20 is ideal for narrow urban streets. At the same time the all-wheel drive makes it a vehicle that is predestined for off-road applications. The first Unimog with cab-over-engine design offers full Unimog technology: portal axles, single tyres, coil springs and permanent all-wheel drive with up to 16 forward gears and excellent low-speed handling characteristics.

As an implement carrier, the Unimog U 20 is used both for snow clearing/gritting and for mowing. With its tipper platform, it serves where required as a pack mule, transporting materials. Two attachment areas, an implement mounting space, the front mounting plate and the front PTO shaft and transmission PTO qualify it for a multitude of implements and tasks.

Unimog U 500: from implement carrier to agricultural logistics
As an implement carrier used for public service operations it is an all-rounder: mowing, clearing, gritting, cutting, cleaning, sweeping, transporting – the Unimog model series U 300 / U 400 / U 500 knows no limits. Thanks to permanent all-wheel drive with reduction gearing and classic Unimog technology, with portal axles, single tyres and coil springs, off-road terrain is not a barrier either. Its specialities include a tyre pressure control system, torque converter clutch or a hydrostatic drive.

The Unimog U 500 has now found an application in agricultural logistics: with its off and on-road skills, it is ideal for transporting biomass between field and industrial facility. With a permissible gross combination weight of up to 39 t and a payload of 24 t, the Unimog U 500 offers comparable capabilities to heavy-duty semitrailer combinations. It also features all-wheel drive and heavy-tread wide-base tyres which ensure minimal damage to the ground when driving off-road. It is also exceptionally economical, as neutral tests carried out by the DLG (German Agricultural Society) have shown.

If licensed as an agricultural tractor, the Unimog is permitted to pull two trailers, drives toll-free on the autobahn and is not subject to the Sunday driving ban. It can also carry out numerous other tasks as an implement carrier in agricultural operations.

Unimog U 5000: unsurpassed off-road capability
For many it is the Unimog par excellence: a heavy-duty model series U 4000/5000 Unimog is a vehicle with exciting abilities. Its unsurpassed off-road capability and extreme load capacity qualify it as a highly mobile off-road implement carrier. All-wheel drive, differential locks, up to 16 forward gears, a torsionally flexible frame, single tyres, tremendous ground clearance thanks to portal axles – the Unimog is a superlative off-road vehicle.

This also makes it the ideal vehicle for energy suppliers. Pipeline construction, cable-laying work and erecting masts on every terrain, getting where it needs to be thanks to tremendous traction. With its wide-base tyres and the tyre pressure control system, it avoids ground damage. The vehicle’s capabilities in this area are demonstrated at the IAA by a compact Unimog U 5000 work unit, equipped with, among other things, a crane, self-recovery winch, a rear-extending frame winch and a stabiliser for working on inclines, clamshell bucket, auger attachment and work basket produced by the company Werner. All implements can be carried on the platform, making the Unimog particularly flexible for working purposes.

A new feature in this context is a factory-fitted pre-installation for a crane. It includes standardised interfaces and special package of the equipment in order to offer space for the crane support.

Econic: versatile low-entry specialist with gas drive system
The Mercedes-Benz Econic is a professional for all municipal tasks and distribution transport. The basis is a tailor-made design with low-floor cab, fully air-sprung chassis and automatic transmission. The available versatility is impressive: low/high cab, two, three or four axles, solo truck or semitrailer tractor, diesel or gas drive system.

Because it is primarily used in urban applications, environmental friendliness is a major focus with the Econic. While the Econic NGT with gas drive already meets the voluntary EEV emissions standard, the Econic with BlueTec diesel engine now also undercuts the EEV limit – simply by means of internal modifications to the engine and without particulate filters.

The Econic NGT uses natural gas or operates CO2-neutrally with biogas. Its turbo engine has an output of 205 kW (279 hp) and reaches a maximum torque of 1100 Nm. Mercedes-Benz has further upgraded the Econic as standard: an axle load measuring device for each individual axle, three co-driver seats and a roof stowage compartment are just some of the numerous details.

At the IAA an Econic NGT will be displaying its skills as a catering vehicle in airfield use. Because of its low cab, the Econic is suitable for a diverse range of aircraft sizes. At the same time the customer benefits from straightforward licensing of the vehicle for road use.

Zetros: all-wheel cab-behind-engine truck for the most heavy-duty applications
The Mercedes-Benz Zetros combines the off-road capability of a Unimog with the load capacity of a heavy-duty truck. The Zetros’s forte lies in its design as a cab-behind engine truck, allowing compact and low contours, easy entry and exit and simple servicing. In addition, because the cab of a cab-behind-engine truck is positioned between the axles, it offers notably improved control and significantly higher ride comfort than a cab-over-engine truck, particularly off-road and on poor-quality roads or tracks.

The components of the Zetros are tried and tested, whether the in-line six cylinder with 7.2 l displacement and 240 kW (326 hp) output, manual transmission and transfer case or the planetary axles with parabolic springs and drum brakes. The Zetros delivers outstanding off-road capabilities thanks to permanent all-wheel drive, three differential locks, single tyres and suspension which is specially tuned for this usage.

The Zetros is available as a two-axle or three-axle model with a permissible gross vehicle weight of 18 t or 27 t. A new variant is the Zetros 4×4 with twin-tyred rear axle. This increases the technically permissible axle load to 13 t and with it the off-road payload.

Source: Daimler AG