Daimler FleetBoard is presenting trailblazing telematics services to maximise the economic efficiency of trucks and vans at the IAA Commercial Vehicles fair in Hanover. New products designed for industry-specific transport processes and enhanced fleet productivity will be on show at the FleetBoard stand in the Mercedes-Benz area of Daimler Trucks in hall no. 14/15.

The new FleetBoard transport management system enables distribution managers to plan jobs in a flexible manner. The FleetBoard development engineers have attached special importance to providing an ergonomic state-of-the-art user interface. A status workflow which is individually configurable for the transport task concerned helps drivers to record information on a job-, trip- or package-related basis.

This information can be transferred at any time to a disposition, inventory control or ERP system for the purposes of statistical cost accounting, for example. The messaging function and the automatic transfer of structured job data to the vehicle facilitate communication with the driver. This is conducive to the comprehensive control of complex transport processes, from long-haul to distribution operations.
The new FleetBoard Mapping facility enables journeys to be traced in detail, including operations in border and urban traffic. Satellite images ensure exact visualisation of the vehicle’s position and the route. A new vehicle positioning option at an extremely fast cycle rate provides the basis for such precision, recording the vehicle’s position every 30 seconds.

The DispoPilot.guide is a new addition to FleetBoard’s range of cab terminals which has been introduced in time for the IAA Commercial Vehicles fair. “The terminal with a large 7-inch (17.8 cm) display represents an attractively priced entry-level model to introduce operators to our world of professional transport management solutions, providing assistance in the areas of job management and navigation,” notes Markus Lipinsky, head of Daimler FleetBoard. The navigation system incorporates the latest truck attributes and additional functions such as a Lane Assistant and consideration of hazardous goods transportation in planning routes. As an alternative device for use outside of the vehicle, DispoPilot.mobile remains the measure of all things, featuring an integrated barcode scanner and a digital signature facility. Both products enable the export of destinations to the truck navigation system which is included in the scope of delivery and offer individual language selection and enhanced ergonomics.

In addition, the FleetBoard telematics services will be available ex-factory for Mercedes-Benz Sprinters. The telematics system has only been available as a retrofit option for the Sprinter to date. This facility enables substantial reductions in fleet operating and process costs. Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions can be cut by up to 20% by means of an economical style of driving, for example. “We have been using FleetBoard in our Sprinters for a year. Thanks to our work in the area of operational analysis, we have managed to reduce fuel consumption per vehicle by 1.5 l per 100 km. As some of the vans cover 500 km a day, these savings make a noticeable difference in a matter of months,” reports Ralf Schumann, assistant to the management of Transportservice Winkler. The drivers learn to drive in a defensive and foresighted manner and the monthly reporting system ensures that they retain this driving style on a long-term basis. In addition, the FleetBoard transport management system enables the integration of drivers and vehicles into the most complex logistical processes.

Source: Daimler AG