Experts are predicting that road freight transport volumes will increase significantly over the next few years. The volume of freight handled by all modes of transport (as expressed in billions of ton-kilometers) is continually rising, and CO2 is thus also becoming an increasingly important issue.

In this regard, telematics solutions can make an important contribution to improving environmental protection and efficiency. In addition, they can help with the establishment and enhancement of intelligent networks linking various modes of transport. Daimler FleetBoard is one of the leading suppliers of telematics services for all sectors — and its solutions can be used in trucks built by any manufacturer. The wholly owned Daimler subsidiary has been growing steadily since 2003. “FleetBoard is a benchmark and the most commonly used telematics system in the German market,” says Daimler FleetBoard GmbH Managing Director Markus Lipinsky. “We now have a market share of more than ten percent in Europe, and the two prestigious awards we received in 2010 demonstrate that we offer the most sustainable telematics solution.” FleetBoard is celebrating the tenth anniversary of its outstanding services this year. In what is still a relatively young telematics sector, ten years of existence stands for a wealth of experience with commercial vehicles and IT systems, and a future-proof investment for vehicle fleets.

“Fleet operators and shipping companies are increasingly recognizing the value of economy, transparency, and the use of telematics solutions to establish open networks with downstream systems,” Lipinsky explains. These demands are already being met for hundreds of FleetBoard customers by telematics services for mixed fleets, and the provision of more than 60 interfaces to systems such as SAP.” The use of telematics systems in the freight forwarding sector optimizes transport processes. Evaluation of the data collected by FleetBoard helps reduce fuel and maintenance costs and CO2 emissions from fleets by seven percent within the first three months of operation. Transport companies can thus achieve a return on their investment in less than ten months — a statistic that has been validated on the basis of customer calculations. FleetBoard also makes it possible to integrate drivers and vehicles into the most complex logistics processes. All in all, fuel savings, reduced wear and tear, transport process optimization, and fewer empty runs can lead to savings of as much as €9,100 per vehicle and year.

At the IAA 2010, FleetBoard is presenting new intelligent services and terminals that not only help shipping companies to make their transport runs more efficient but also allow them to use FleetBoard ex-works in new vans. The new FleetBoard transport management system, for example, enables dispatchers to plan jobs in a flexible manner. Here, the FleetBoard development engineers placed top priority on a modern, ergonomic user interface. Among other things, a status workflow feature that can be individually configured for the transport task at hand helps drivers record information on a job, trip, or package-related basis. The resulting data can be transmitted at any time to a dispatch, inventory control, or ERP system, which can then perform any required cost or other accounting calculation, for example. The range of products available for the driver’s cab has now been expanded to include — a terminal with a large seven-inch (17.8 cm) display that offers the customer an attractively priced introduction to the world of professional transport management.

Drivers benefit from FleetBoard because they learn to operate their vehicle in an even better manner and are actively integrated into the transport process. This support in the day-to-day business ensures drivers arrive at their destinations more relaxed. After all, an economical driving style and better and more transparent communication with dispatchers reduces time pressures and makes trips less stressful. The result is fewer sick days, which benefits the transport company.

At this year’s IAA, FleetBoard is presenting the telematics services for industry-specific transport processes and greater fleet productivity at the FleetBoard stand in the Mercedes-Benz area of Daimler Trucks in Hall 14/15.

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Source: Daimler AG