News Nr. 14 – September 2010

Bling, Bling!!
Need a model to impress your friends? In that case, may I recommend the latest in tackiness? Yes, you can buy yourself a 1:18 scale Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG made by Maisto, studded with no less than 7800 Swarovsky crystals.

And, at CAN $ 1500, (or US$ 1450), it is a real steal, as compared to the price in England, which is £1500 (app. US$ 2250). In fact, a very limited quantity of this model was commissioned by the famous London toy shop Hamleys to celebrate its 250th anniversary.

I must admit, I find the price difference between London and Toronto a bit odd, and I’d like to stress that I’m only relaying the information I received. For further details, and if you are ready to order, please do contact, or call (or fax): + (416) 975 5442.

Back on earth…
The French company Norev has released under the reference number 351108 a 1:43 model of the Mercedes 300SLR driven by Juan Manuel Fangio in the 1955 Mille Miglia race. This car with the starting Nr. 658 has always been a bit overshadowed by the winning car Nr. 722, even in the model world.

For those who don’t know, or forgot it: Nr. 658 meant that the car started on its way at 6:58 am, and the car Nr. 722 started, you guessed it, at 7:22 am.

…Sparks are flying
Okay, let me rephrase that: Spark has just launched under the order number 1026 another version of its 1:43 Mercedes SLR McLaren GT 722: the Nr.3 car of the GT 2008 trophy: “orange babies”. Quite a looker!

It will be appearing on the dealer’s shelves real soon. It should look quite good on your model display shelf, right next to Spark’s SLR 722 GT Nr. 1, 2008 trophy, driven by Klaus Ludwig – see the NEWS Nr. 10 of August 2009 “Eat my dust!”

Meanwhile under Spanish skies…
…the “Ediciones Altaya” are now launching their 1:43 scale collection of European trucks from the 1950s to the 1970s, a collection which appears to be a runaway success in France, in their own country of Spain (“Camiones de antaño”). As with all Altaya models, they are sold through the local newspaper stores and press outlets, which means they are just about impossible to get, unless you happen to have friends in Spain, or unless you keep looking on e-Bay.

The second truck in this series will be the same Mercedes-Benz L911B tipper with loading crane, which Altaya released in their French “Camions d’ autrefois” series back in the late Fall of 2009 – see News Nr. 15 – November 2009 – except that it now comes in the livery of a Spanish Company. The Mercedes-Benz LP333 will follow in due course. Just as a reminder: all these 1:43 scale truck models are made by IXO for Altaya.

Better late than never
The information flow with our Russian collectors and members of the MBMC isn’t perfect yet, thus this delayed presentation of two quite interesting 1:43 scale models, both made in very limited quantity by Master 43 of Moscow, and offered for sale around December 2009.

By now however, whatever their colour, both models are completely sold out. I understand that originally, their price was around US$ 250. If anyone is offering their model for sale, I’m sure the asking price will be a multiple of the original one. Nevertheless, would it be for information purpose only, here are the pictures of the 1:43 scale Mercedes-Benz 200, and of the Mercedes-Benz 630, both in metal.

As I have not seen any of these two models up close, I will make no comments concerning either accuracy of reproduction or quality of execution.

More glitz…
You can always count on pb-scalemodels to come up with an interesting model, but with prices so outrageous only a handful of collectors can afford to buy them.

The problem is that prices like that seriously limit the number of buyers, which in turn means only about 20 to 30 models are being or only need to be made, which renders the production costly, which then results in overly expensive models at the retail level, which only a few can buy, which means…, etc, etc… well, you get the picture: the spiral never ends.

pb-scalemodels latest entry is the Maybach DS8 “Zeppelin” as presented at the 1934 IAMA in Berlin with a “streamlined” cabriolet body by Spohn.

The car, with the chassis Nr. 1421 and the engine Nr. 25070, survived all these years, and nowadays is on exhibit at the Charles Renaud ECR foundation in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The 1:43 scale model is limited to 10 of each of the 3 versions depicted here. The original models were made in Russia, they then were sent to Tin Wizard in Germany for improvements, added photo-etched parts, and a great paint job. The result comes along in the typical Tin Wizard quality, and certainly makes for a very good model, representing accurately the original, right down to the very exclusive lacquered leather roof.

The price of this 1:43 model? You really don’t want to know…Well, I’m told around (which means “more than”) US$ 700 (plus S&H). Bling!

Alphabet soup
The meaning of Cabriolet A, Cabriolet B, C, D, “Tourer”, and Cabrio F can be quite confusing. Cabriolet A and C in particular are prone to be mixed up. So, here is a small visual lesson in Cabriolet alphabet. I hope it helps!

Everything clear now? Perfect!
Until next time! Enjoy the last warm days of the summer sun.
Author Bernd D. Loosen