News Nr. 13 – August 2010
In Memoriam
Lothar Jacques – Feb 12, 1946 – July 20, 2010
Lothar was a true “Rheinländer”; he enjoyed life for all it was worth. In recent years, his health declined, until finally his asthma took him away from us.

He was very active in the MBMC, a great colleague, and a good personal friend, who thought nothing of riving 200 miles to visit me, each time I was in Germany. I will miss him a lot! Adieu, my friend!

There shall be light!
Some time ago, I had made the suggestion to one of the well-known scale model manufacturers to perhaps consider enhancing some of their models by incorporating lighting. Much to my surprise, I recently noticed on e-bay a seller from Wiesau in Bavaria offering lighting for 1:18 scale and 1:43 scale models. He not only sells already modified models, he also will do custom work.

Just specify your model, or send him your own model for “enlightenment”. His prices vary, depending on the number of LED’s you want, or your model requires. The results are actually quite good. Pricing:

I’ve seen a 1:43 Mercedes A Class equipped with 8 LED (see pictures), priced at 34 Euros, and a 1:18 scale model of another car for 75 Euros. Shipping extra of course. If interested, have a look at his website Just don’t be surprised: he goes by the name “DannyDeVitos Tuning” – yes, believe it or not!!

C111, anyone?
Nothing lasts forever, least of all a passion! Our former MBMC-colleague from Lucerne in Switzerland, Peter Hegglin, was considered in the 1990s the collector of all things C111; the man magazines, and TV were interviewing about his enormous collection of C111 in all scales, of all makes – and colours!

Well, he is selling it all now… If you are interested, do contact him at: and he will send you a list of the models available.

Until next time, keep healthy, and keep collecting!

Author Bernd D. Loosen