The Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned Program (MBCPO) is the best way to provide Mercedes-Benz customers luxury at an affordable price. Mercedes-Benz is a pioneer in pre-owned vehicle programs, with more than 15 years of experience setting industry standards in pre-owned automobile sales.

Currently, more than 70 percent of the Mercedes vehicles sold since1954 are still on the road which is a testament to the unparalleled design and durability of these vehicles and the desire of the American public to own one.

Dealers nationwide who participate in the MBCPO program offer Certified Pre-Owned vehicles for purchase and lease. While the typical MBCPO model is a two, to three year-old vehicle, cars up to six model-years old with up to 75,000 total vehicle accumulated miles are eligible.

To qualify for Pre-Owned Certification, a Mercedes-Benz vehicle must meet stringent criteria and pass a rigorous inspection process which includes bumper to bumper inspection of the appearance and mechanics of the car. This is all backed by the MBCPO limited warranty.

To ensure that the vehicle meets MBCPO mechanical standards, the inspection includes engine compartment and pre-road test checks, engine component/system – condition check and verification, electrical systems and function test, undercarriage/drivetrain check, chassis/body inspection, road test, post-road test inspection and a general inspection that includes review of the CARFAX report as well as mileage/history verification. The vehicle appearance inspection includes review of the engine, trunk, interior, exterior and wheels. For an in-depth description of the rigorous certification process, please visit or your local Mercedes-Benz dealer.

Mercedes-Benz immediately eliminates vehicles from the program that are over 75,000 total vehicle accumulated miles/over 6 models old or that have a problem found in the CARFAX Vehicle History Report or identifiable structural or frame damage.

Every Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned (MBCPO) vehicle is backed by one of the most comprehensive pre-owned vehicle limited warranties. Any remaining portion of the Mercedes-Benz 4-year/50,000 mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty applies to the vehicle. After this point, the MBCPO Limited Warranty provides vehicle coverage for another 12 months, or up to 100,000 total vehicle accumulated miles. For those MBCPO vehicles that are no longer covered by the New Vehicle Limited Warranty, the MBCPO Limited Warranty takes effect at the time of delivery. This coverage extends to the engine and powertrain, steering, suspension, brakes (excluding wear of discs and pads), electrical system, climate control system and navigation.

Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned Components

– 7 day/500 mile customer Exchange Privilege (Not valid in all states – check with local dealer)
– Special financing available from Mercedes-Benz Financial Services
– Rigorous mechanical and appearance inspection
– Reconditioning to Mercedes-Benz standards
– Carfax® vehicle history report

– MBCPO warranty of 12 months coverage / up to 100,000 total vehicle accumulated miles
– $0 deductible
– Extended limited warranties available through Mercedes-Benz for an additional 12- or 24-months of coverage
– Warranties are transferable between private parties with no transfer fees

Roadside Assistance
– Towing for the life of the warranty (related to warranted condition only)
– Trip Interruption for the life of the warranty
– Sign and Drive for the life of the vehicle
– Trip Routing for the life of the vehicle

Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles Online
Customers can search nearly 7,000 Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned vehicles within the national dealer inventory by visiting Vehicles can be located anywhere in the U.S. or within a selected distance from a certain ZIP code. Customers can also search by model and/or body style, price range, and model year. All Mercedes-Benz model lines are eligible for the Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned program: (GUARD, Maybach, SLR and SLS vehicles excluded)

– Sporty C-Class sedans
– Highly-acclaimed E-Class sedans and wagons
– Stylish CLK coupes and cabriolets
– Sleek CLS four-door coupe
– Racy SLK roadster
– Iconic SL roadsters
– Flagship S-Class sedans
– Top-of-the-line CL-Class coupes
– Rugged M-Class sport utility line
– Elegant R-Class sports tourer
-Commanding G-Class sport utility vehicle
– Seven passenger GL-Class sport utility vehicle
– New for 2009 GLK-Class crossover sport utility vehicle

Source: Daimler AG