Mercedes-Benz is offering a new service to truck customers: The TruckMobility mobility package offers full breakdown assistance for truck tractors and trailers. Thanks to an extensive, Europe-wide service network, which is available around the clock, the mobility service helps to keep vehicle downtime to a minimum.

This is the first time Mercedes-Benz has offered this service on such a scale to truck customers.
The mobility package is available in Basic and Premium versions. The Basic package includes, for example, on-site assistance in the event of a breakdown, towing service, a replacement vehicle, and transport of the driver and passenger to the replacement vehicle’s location. In addition to these services, the Premium package includes the logistics service including arrangements for reloading the freight, the tire service, and organization of legal assistance. It also covers overnight lodging and travel costs. The services are available in connection with the complimentary MercedesServiceCard.

Truck drivers or freight-forwarding companies can request assistance around the clock by calling the customer contact center of Mercedes-Benz. The on-site breakdown assistance is provided right away by an experienced Mercedes-Benz service team. The mobility package is available for vehicles from the Actros, Axor, Atego, and Econic production series that are up to eight years old at the time of application for the package and have been driven a maximum of 1,000,000 kilometers. The package also applies to semi-trailers, superstructures, and trailers that are attached to the truck. The duration of the mobility package can be from one up to three years, and a Starter package is offered starting at €500.

The new TruckMobility services are being offered initially in Germany, but customers can use them in 40 countries throughout Europe – from Portugal to Russia and from Greece to Norway. Plans call for an expansion of the mobility service to further markets in the future. The mobility package is available at all Mercedes-Benz partners.

Source: Daimler AG