Stefan Mappus today as the first customer in Baden-Württemberg. The compact city car was presented by Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Daimler CEO and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, at the launch event for “e-mobility Baden-Württemberg”. The compact two-seater boasts state-of-the-art lithium-ion technology and intelligent charge management.

The handover of the first electric smart today marks the start of “e-mobility Baden-Württemberg”. The declared objective of the joint initiative between Daimler and EnBW is to make the state that was the birthplace of the automobile a pioneering region for locally emission-free electric mobility in the next two years.

State premier Mappus is one of the first customers and is sending a clear signal for the future of electric mobility and for Baden-Württemberg as a centre of the automotive industry. Mappus says “I have already been test-driving the electric smart in April at the Hanover Show 2010 and I enjoyed it – it is a completely new driving experience. In future, alternative drive systems will get more and more important. The German state, along with the economic system, wants to initiate a development to make Baden-Württemberg a pioneering region for electric mobility.” Baden-Württemberg´s government is now the proud owner of a state-of-the-art two-seater car that is ideal for the city, offers lots of driving fun and emits no local emissions. In future, further zero-emission vehicles will be added to the ministry’s fleet, including the B-Class F-CELL with fuel cell drive and the first production electric delivery van Vito E-CELL.

Daimler will bring a total of around 200 electric Mercedes-Benz and smart vehicles to the roads of Baden-Württemberg by the end of 2011. Dieter Zetsche says “The future of cars is powered by electricity – and the smart fortwo electric drive provides a foretaste of this. It combines full suitability for everyday use with zero emissions – and it also guarantees sheer driving pleasure. But there is still a lot to do until electric driving with battery and fuel cell will reach large-scale volume.

This is why it is all the more important that politics, science and automotive companies join forces.”

smart fortwo electric drive: pioneer and trendsetter
The smart fortwo electric drive has long since proved itself as a pioneer of modern electric mobility within the framework of various “e-mobility” projects. Thanks to its unique combination of environmental compatibility, efficiency and suitability for everyday use the agile two-seater provides a perfect answer to the demands on sustainable individual mobility for urban centres. The electric smart can travel 135 km (NEDC) on a fully charged battery – more than enough for city traffic. The newest generation smart fortwo electric drive has been in use on the streets of Berlin since December 2009.

The main aim of these projects is to test customer behaviour and specific customer care services. In addition to Germany, electric smarts will also be given to customers in a total of 15 countries, including Italy, Spain, England, France, Switzerland, USA, Canada and Asia. Due to the high demand production figures have now been increased to 1500 vehicles. Volume production will start in 2012 and the smart fortwo electric drive will then be available to anyone interested.

Source: Daimler AG