For years we have been witnessing the trend towards ever larger light-alloy wheels on modern vehicles. Sportservice Lorinser has equally been following this evolution, but at the same time has kept its eye on a technical improvement. Because trends are closely scrutinised by the customisers of Mercedes automobiles. As a result, Lorinser light-alloy wheels have not simply taken on new dimensions, new production methods have taken care of a reduction in weight.

In conjunction with the component supplier, what is known as Most Advanced Technology (M.A.T.) has been implemented a particularly high-technology casting, forging and rolling process improves the mechanical characteristics of the rims by reducing the material thickness which reduces the overall wheel weight. The unsprung mass on the car is thus reduced, the handling characteristics undergo a definite improvement.

With the new RS9 light alloy rim this revolutionary production method has become part of the Lorinser product line. Exhaustive tests show that a rim produced using the M.A.T. process guarantees the same performance capabilities as a conventionally manufactured wheel. At the same time there are practically no restrictions on the possibilities for design, as the Lorinser RS9 amply demonstrates. Five slotted triple spokes characterise the modern style.

If forged wheels, because of their technology, up to now were always an expensive purchase, Lorinser’s Most Advanced Technology used here also proves to be a novelty. The experts from Waiblingen have been able to keep costs low which benefits customers. The RS9 light-alloy wheel is available in sizes 8×18; 9×18, 8.5×19; 9.5×19; 9.0×20; 10×20; 10,5×20; 9.0×21; 10.0×21 and 10.5×21 inch at prices starting at € 530.00 net, including wheel adaptors.