Day 3 Rome-Brescia
Made it – all participants returned safe and healthy to Brescia!

At 7 am Saturday, the participants started on the final stage in the north. After initial rain meant the weather good again and the sun fans on the roadside. The last day had much to offer – first culture and then driving pleasure on Tuscan pass roads.

After we had left Rome behind us, the route lead through the historical city centers of Sienna and Florence. According to these cultural attractions, it went over the Futa and Raticosa Pass to Bologna and via Parma and to the direction of Lake Garda. After about 660 km and 15 hours the first participants crossed the finish ramp to 22 pm on the Viale Venzia in Brescia.

After a total of over 1400 kilometers and 36-hour journey, every of the 15 Mercedes-Benz Mille Miglia teams, arrived exhausted but happy the starting point. The Mille-debutante Uschi Glas – she shared a Mercedes Gullwing with her husband – was blown away by the atmosphere at this Italian tour. Both received high praise from the mechanics of the Mercedes-Classic team for the gentle and caring approach to the historical-300SL car.

Three great days are behind us and the entire Mercedes-Benz team is looking forward to the Mille Miglia in 2011.

Day 2 Bologna-Rome
After a short night and from about 7am was the Mille Miglia entourage, on the way to Rome.

Across Imola and the city state of San Marino, went the route on country roads and winding mountain passes to the lunch stop in Urbino. In many cases, the participants were escorted of police motorcycles through the dense Italian public.

After an Italian lunch buffet, the second stage to Rome was tackled, inclusive the 2000 meters high Apennines pass, with snowy conditions. The second leg ended after strenuous 15 hours and 520 km at 22 pm in Rome at the Piazza de la St. Angello. All Mercedes-participants have completed the second stage successfully and cheer the long final section which leads from Rome back to Brescia.

Day 1 Brescia-Bologna
After heavy rain showers, started the 2010 Mille Miglia – with sunny weather – on 6 May 2010 in Brescia.

Mercedes-Benz has traveled this year with the largest factory team in Italy – a total of 15 cars going for the Mercedes-Benz Classic-field at the start – including:

– 9x 300SL Gullwing
– 3x SSK
– 1x SS
– 1x 220a
– 1x W194 Prototyp I

The route went from lake garda, over 193 km to Bologna. The majority of the participants finished the night stage around 2 am in the morning. The two ex-Formula 1 driver Mika Häkkinen and David Coulthard are also happy to finish after 4.5 hours drive.

Source: Daimler AG