European Delivery offers customers a unique way to combine the purchase of their Mercedes-Benz with a luxurious European vacation. Since its inception, more than 100,000 U.S. Mercedes-Benz vehicles have been sold through the company’s industry-leading European Delivery Program.

Celebrating over 40 years of success, the program continues to be a popular choice among new and repeat Mercedes-Benz customers. Each year, hundreds of customers from the U. S. travel to the Mercedes-Benz factory in Sindelfingen, Germany to experience the “birthplace” of their vehicles before venturing out for a thrill ride of their own across the Autobahn.

The program includes an array of amenities, including a seven percent savings off the total vehicle price on selected models, plus all factory options and accessories. Customers purchase vehicles through their local Mercedes-Benz dealer.

All Mercedes-Benz vehicles can be purchased through European Delivery, except for M-Class, R-Class, GL-Class and G-Class light trucks. The seven percent discount is available on select C-Class, GLK-Class, E-Class, CLK-Class, CLS-Class, SLK-Class, SL-Class and S-Class models. All other vehicles are available at the MSRP and all models are subject to availability.

Trip Packages
Standard Package – This package starts with breakfast or lunch for two at the Sindelfingen Factory restaurant. Customers then have the opportunity to cruise the scenic countryside in a brand new Mercedes-Benz while basking in luxury and old-world ambience in their choice of twelve exquisite hotels throughout Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland.

Stuttgart Walking Tour – Upon arriving in Germany to pick up their car, customers can spend their first day enjoying one of Europe’s best kept secrets – downtown Stuttgart. This custom-designed walking tour allows visitors to stroll along the Konigstrasse and experience world-class art museums as well as high-end shopping along the way. Destinations also include Schlossplatz, Kunst Museum, Stuttgart Market Hall, Merz+Benzing and Schillerplatz.

The Black Forest Alps Rally Package – This self-guided tour takes customers from the Mercedes-Benz factory through the Black Forest and into the Austrian Alps. From there, they head north to scenic Munich while enjoying accommodations at any of the selected first-class hotels for five nights during the trip.

Alpen Route – Customers spend a weekend driving among snow-capped peaks of the Alps and breath-taking vistas along the serpentine route used in James Bond movies. Destinations include some of Europe’s most charming villages, lake fronts and restaurants.

Spa Package – This unique trip includes a stay at the Malteser Klinik von Weckbecker, a specialist clinic for natural health remedies, located just two hours by car from Stuttgart in the beautiful Bavarian Rhon Valley.

Source: Daimler AG