News Nr. 10 – June 2010
Finally, it is here!
Altaya is in the process of releasing the truck Nr. 16 in their presscollection “Camions d’autrefois”, the Mercedes-Benz LP333, built between 1958 and 1961. The 1:43 model, made by IXO for Altaya, has a metal cabin, and a metal chassis; the canvas covered platform is in plastic.

Inside as well as outside, the LP333 is a superb miniature reproduction of the real one. (See my comments in the News Nr. 5 of March 2010 about the limited IXO-version made especially for the Nürnberg International Toy Fair). We can thank IXO’s use of today’s CAD technology for ever better and more accurate models. The model is only available to subscribers within France (for 20€), however, you can count on the model being offered for purchase on ebay, where a reasonable price should be round about 30€ to 35€ (plus S&H) maximum. I’m now looking forward to the official IXO version.

New Mercedes-Benz W196R versions by Spark:

Spark has supplied me with the pictures of their very latest version of the Mercedes W196R, namely the short wheel-based “Monoposto” #2, driven by Juan-Manuel Fangio in the “Grand Prix de l’Europe” in Monaco, back in 1955. Unfortunately, none of the Mercedes cars finished this race, all having suffered from the same defect! Please note that this 1:43 resin model will only be available in July of this year.

Minichamps has released a 1:43 promotional model of the Mercedes GP racer celebrating the return of Michael Schumacher to the F1 races.

The model is limited to 2010 pieces – no doubt referring to this year 2010, the year of Schumacher’s return. It is priced at around 74€ (plus S&H) on e-bay. If you still can locate one at your favorite model-car supplier, the price might be a little lower. I suppose there will be a slew of special promotional models when “Schumi” wins his first race! For now, it unfortunately doesn’t quite look that this will happen anytime soon.

Finally, here is a look at the latest in parking technology – as seen in Lyon, France.

Perfect for the times I suppose…Just watch out for the “parking enforcement people” anyway! Until next time

Author Bernd D. Loosen