Actually we have the Maybach only as a sedan, but that will change in July. Based on the 57S and in limited edition of 100 pieces, will the Weinsberger Xenatec company manufacture the Maybach Coupe.

The car’s wheelbase is untouched, but the rest is completely new. Leon Hustinx, former sales director at Maybach made the connection between the companies. At this time the project is called the “Xentac Coupe”, but for the future it is planned that the vehicle named as “57S Coupe.

The Coupé – with two doors only – provides four seats. The A-, B-, C-pillars, the doors and the front and rear sections are modified. For an elegant design and a convenient walk-in to the fond the B-pillar was moved 20 cm to the rear. In the wheel arches are 20-inch alloy wheels. On request you can get 21-inch wheels. Sporting aprons lined the front and rear, new taillights and newly shaped exhaust tailpipes completed the sporty design of the vehicle.

The Coupe has the same V12 6-liter twin-turbocharger engine, with 612 hp and 1.000Nm like the sedan. So the Maybach, sprints in 5.0 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h. Top speed 275 km/h. The price: 650,000 euros, plus VAT and other taxes, inclusive a 4-year warranty. This year it is planned to produce 20 vehicles. Key market is the Middle East, Far East, Russia and the United States.

Pictures: Xenatec