Mercedes-Benz, that is not only modern and reliable cars. Mercedes-Benz is more than 120 year history and tradition. But what makes Mercedes-Benz so special? These marks on the Mercedes-Benz brand workshop. The first day began with a speek of the future analyst at Daimler AG, Alexander Mankowsky.

He spanned in his explanations a long time bow to the 17th Century – the Rococo period – which also represents the beginning of the “European luxury.” Birth of the brand name “Mercedes” was the so-called Belle Epoque (beautiful era), around 1900. At that time Automobiles were the very top accessory of polite society.

Mercédès Jellinek, daughter from businessman and car dealer Emil Jellinek, was the inspiration for cars with the name „Mercedes“. The well-known Mercedes star, as a symbol for the brand, has been registered in 1909.

Following the short history, went the workshop group to an exclusive customer tour through the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. Here, could everyone see on around 17,000 m² of exhibition space, what is called the „Mercedes-myth“. From the very first automobile in the world and the victorious silver arrows up to the current model range, all this is presented inside the Mercedes-Benz Museum.

Conclusion of the day was a dinner at the Casino of the Museum.

Pictures: Daimler AG / MB Passion