Whatever model of Mercedes you may drive, Mercedes-Benz and its subsidiary Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH have just the right light-alloy wheel to suit every taste.

Customers can currently choose their perfect wheel from a selection of around 120 different design variations from Mercedes-Benz Accessories (MBA). All of the light-alloy wheels on offer have to meet the same high safety standards – there is no such thing as a difference in quality between the models available as standard or as optional extras, and the versions available from MBA.

In all cases the customer receives a product which has been optimally tuned for Mercedes-Benz vehicles, which provides exemplary ride comfort and high driving dynamics, meets demanding design standards and is also characterised by an excellent service life. In addition, the fitting of wheels does not require any reports or Technical Inspection Association registrations to be carried out, since all wheels form an integral part of vehicle type approval. These benefits are primarily a result of a close, early cooperation between the various vehicle production departments and the wheel specialists.

Mercedes-Benz Accessories: high-sheen two-tone wheels top the popularity charts in spring 2010
Topping the most-wanted list this spring are Mercedes-Benz wheels featuring a two-tone finish. According to the Mercedes-Benz designers, however, they are more than just a passing fad and are set to enjoy increasing popularity in the future. These high-quality wheels enjoy additional appeal thanks to the interesting contrast created between the bare-look metal surface and the dark painted areas, thus giving the vehicle an even more exclusive appearance. Mercedes-Benz Accessories is currently offering the following wheels in a high-sheen two-tone finish (as at April 2010):

40.6 cm (16 inches):
A/B-Class: 10-spoke wheel in two-tone palladium silver

43.2 cm (17 inches):
B-Class: 5-twin-spoke wheel in two-tone palladium silver
C-Class: 7-spoke Redali wheel in two-tone palladium silver
C-Class, CLC, CLK and SLK: 7-twin-spoke wheel in two-tone palladium silver

45.7 cm (18 inches):
E-Class Saloon: 5-spoke Xentres wheel in two-tone black
E-Class Coupé: 5-twin-spoke wheel in two-tone black

48.3 cm (19 inches):
SL-Class: 6-spoke Himalayas wheel in two-tone grey
GL-Class: 10-spoke wheel in two-tone black

50.8 cm (20 inches):
S and CL-Class: 5-Y-spoke Behes wheel in two-tone black
GLK-Class: 5-twin-spoke Bigawa wheel in two-tone black
M and GL-Class: 10-spoke Tomeko wheel in two-tone black
5-twin-spoke Himalayas wheel in two-tone grey

Detailed perfection
On high-sheen two-tone wheels in particular, matching wheel hub covers are an additional detail which can help to guarantee a perfect appearance. The black look with chrome star is an ideal match for the design of two-tone wheels. Suitable hub covers are also available for other wheel colours. Owners with an eye for detail can also add the finishing touch to their wheels with shiny valve caps. Rim locks are another essential recommendation, since wheels from Mercedes-Benz Accessories are especially popular among thieves. Coded wheel bolts can only be unlocked with the appropriate key.

MercedesSport offers elegance and sportiness
To meet the demand for individual OEM-quality sports-look accessories, Mercedes-Benz Accessories plans to offer an appropriate product range under the new MercedesSport label. By fitting these aftermarket products, Mercedes-Benz customers will be able to add a highly personalised touch to their vehicles and enjoy an even sportier driving experience. In addition to attractive 18-inch two-tone light-alloy wheels, the MercedesSport range will also include bodywork add-on parts which have been specifically matched to each other, a sports suspension and sports braking system, elegant interior sports components such as a high-grip four-spoke sports steering wheel, stainless-steel pedals, white illuminated stainless steel door sill panels and velour floor mats with inlaid MercedesSport logo.

MercedesSport will initially be available for the E-Class family (Saloon, Estate, Coupé, Cabriolet) and then subsequently for other model series. MercedesSport items are available from authorised Mercedes-Benz outlets, including the option of fitting by qualified personnel.

A full range from Mercedes-Benz Accessories
Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH – a wholly-owned subsidiary of Daimler AG – is responsible for the development, selection and marketing of genuine accessories and Collection products for the Mercedes-Benz, Maybach, AMG and smart brands. The product range includes accessories in various categories – refinement, telematics, complete wheels, wheels & tyres, protection & preservation, rack systems, comfort, safety and detachable body parts – as well as Collection products for merchandising and licences. The company employs over 200 people and is based in Stuttgart-Vaihingen.

Source: Daimler AG