Today, the first Mercedes-Benz Viano transporter came off the new production line in Fuzhou produced by FJDA. Fujian Daimler Automotive is a joint venture with Fujian Motors Group (FJMG), China Motor Corp. (CMC) and Daimler AG, established in 2007.

Mr. Lian Xiaoqing, Chairman of Fujian Motor Group (FJMG) and FJDA expressed his gratitude for the great support given by various government departments, FJDA shareholders and all its employees. He said: “The successful production of the first Viano and Vito not only signifies that FJDA has entered into a new era of development, but also symbolizes the successful launching of another automotive joint venture across the western Taiwan Strait. This will be of important significance to consolidate and lift the market competence of the auto industry in Fujian Province. I anticipate FJDA’s very first product to be launched on schedule and to achieve very positive feedback in the market.”

“As the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Today, with the first customer vehicle coming off the line, the shareholders and employees of FJDA are taking our first step together to provide exceptionally well-built, locally-produced Mercedes-Benz transporters to our customers in China,” said Ulrich Walker, Chairman and CEO of Daimler Northeast Asia, “Mercedes-Benz Vito/Viano and Sprinter multi-purpose vehicles (MPV) are extremely well-suited to meet the needs of businesses and families, who appreciate the quality and functionality of these versatile transporters. They are known around the world for their capability and flexibility to transport people or cargo comfortably, reliably and efficiently. As China’s economy continues to expand, more and more consumers and businesses will need the reliable and economical transportation solutions that these vehicles provide.”

Since February Fujian Daimler Automotive has been producing prototype vehicles at its new facility in Fuzhou to prepare for today’s nationwide market launch. From the beginning of production, every locally-produced vehicle has more than 40% of its parts and components sourced from China-based suppliers.
The premium MPV/transporter market in China is expected to continue to grow rapidly in the mid-term. It grew 32% in 2009, with 384,000 MPVs sold in China, compared to 292,000 sold in 2008.

FJDA is expanding its dealer network to more than 40 outlets nationwide. Customers can expect the same high attention to detail and service at all Mercedes-Benz retail outlets.

FJDA Manufacturing Facility
FJDA’s manufacturing facility includes body, paint and assembly areas, totaling 128,000 square meters. FJDC currently has 1,300 local employees, but it will increase substantially as the plant continues to to ramp up production. At maximum capacity on a two-shift operation, FJDA will be able to produce up to 40,000 vehicles annually, but will be flexible enough to adjust volume and model mix based on demand.
Just like all the plants which produce Mercedes-Benz vehicles around the world, FJDA uses the Mercedes-Benz Production System (MPS) to ensure that high standards are consistently met with every through a rigorous series of tests and checks. It is designed to be lean and efficient, balancing the amount of supplier inventory on the production line, as well as the production processes at each individual station.

Source: Daimler AG