Brabus presents the “Vanish”. The Vanish is made for one special customer from the middle east! Brabus offers the 800hp conversion for every SL 65 Black Series, but the “Vanish” is one special bulid car.

The T65 RS “Vanish” is equipped with BRABUS T65 RS performance kit. The kit consists of two special turbocharger, two special engine bearer, aspecial intercooler with 4 water/air heat-exchangers, additional radiator for low temperature water circuit, three electric high performance coolant pump for low temperature water circuit, a dynamic pressure lowering metal catalytic converter and BRABUS software programming for engine ECU. The T65 RS performance kit costs 39.980,00 EUR plus 1.980,00 EUR for installation.

5.000,00 EUR plus 490,00 EUR installation costs the special BRABUS powerdome bonnet conversion in visible carbon fibre. Also you can get aspecial 360 km/h speedometer. Price: 2.490,00 EUR an installation: 70,00 EUR.

Another highlight is the special coating in black matt, which costs 6.990,00 EUR and the special costumized entrance panels (Price: 2.570,00 EUR / Installation: 125,00 EUR). The interiour can be equipped for 14.440,00 EUR with fine leather in combination of black leather and Alcantara with contrasting red seam, for 2 seats with headrests, dashboard upper and lower section, middle console, complete door panels, floor mats. At the exterior site you have the chance to buy special paintings for the wheels, for vehicle trimmings and on the brake calipers.

Pictures: Brabus