Preventing traffic accidents is at the heart of Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to safety. This is why the engineers in Sindelfingen are dedicated to advancing the development of sophisticated assistance systems which warn and assist the driver in critical driving situations and can act autonomously if there is acute danger.

ABS, ESP® and BAS (Brake Assist) were the first technologies of this kind; their positive effect has since been confirmed by an analysis conducted by the Mercedes Accident Research department based on anonymous data samples from the German Federal Statistical Office.

The new or modified driver assistance systems in the E-Class Cabriolet are based on state-of-the-art radar and sensor technology. They have been developed to help reduce the number of accidents caused by being too close to the vehicle in front, drowsiness and darkness.

The driver assistance systems for the new E-Class Cabriolet at a glance:

Preventive protection measures: PRE-SAFE® now also includes AIRCAP®
In the new E-Class Cabriolet, occupant protection actually begins in the phase leading up to a possible accident thanks to the Mercedes-Benz PRE-SAFE® invention, which is specified as standard for the two-door model. In the event of critical driving situations with a high risk of an accident, the system activates protective measures as a precaution, allowing the seat belts and airbags to deploy with maximum effect in the event of any subsequent collision. This early accident detection is possible because PRE-SAFE® is an intelligent synergy of active and passive safety. It is linked to Brake Assist and the Electronic Stability Program (ESP®), for example, whose sensors can detect critical driving situations and send the relevant information to the electronic control units within a matter of milliseconds. PRE-SAFE® also uses these sensor data.

Anticipatory occupant protection can be activated in the event of emergency braking or critical lateral acceleration as well as when imminent danger is detected by the sensors of the assistance systems alone. The AIRCAP® automatic draught-stop is likewise integrated into the PRE-SAFE® system. If the system detects a risk of roll-over, AIRCAP® is retracted as a precaution.

Source: Daimler AG