News Nr. 5 – March 2010
Post Scriptum to the 2010 Nuremberg Toy Fair

For many, if not most exhibitors at the Nuremberg Fair, it is customary to have a special model made, in a very limited quantity, which is then given away to some of their most valuable customers or to VIPs. Very, very, very rarely does the average mortal get hold of such a memento. This year, for the Toy Fair, IXO produced a special run, limited to 350 individually numbered pieces, of the – yet to be released – 1:43 scale Mercedes-Benz LP333 truck (i.e. the famous “Millipede” from 1959), advertising quite tastefully, not only the Company and the event, but giving us also a glimpse of what first the Altaya “press model”, and then the regular IXO-model will look like. Well, let me tell you!! The model is jaw-dropping amazing, a real beauty with all its details and chromes! The quality is equivalent to the one we are accustomed to from Minichamps and Schuco, yet the IXO models in general are, and this one too will certainly be much more affordable.

The 1:43 Mercedes-Benz 460K “Nürburg” Cabriolet C (W08/4)

The model of this car, built from 1929 to 1933, was commissioned by pb-scalemodels of Bellevue (WA), in an extremely limited quantity – 14 models in total! The resin body was molded in Russia; the finishing, i.e. the painting, the photo-etched parts and the assembly were done in Germany by Tin Wizard.

Unfortunately the mold had its shortcomings, one of which resulting in the louvers on both sides of the hood being obliterated by the paint, no matter how thinly applied.

This 1:43 “Nürburg” Cabriolet C was made in an open and in a closed version, in 3 colours: cream and brown with brown interior and brown top (5 pcs of each version), red and black with white interior and black top (1 of each), and black with grey interior and grey top (1 of each).

The price? Well, say you are a banker, and you got another fat bonus for 2009, then this model’s price won’t matter to you. On the other hand, if you are not, then…suffice to say that the beige/brown version, open or closed, will set you back just a smidge below US$ 1000, whereas the other versions will cost you a smidge above US$ 1000, shipping and handling not included and additional in either case, of course.

And no, the price of “one thousand dollars” is not a typo! If you want more information or to place your order immediately before they’re all gone, then please email:

You may remember me writing that at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, Minichamps displayed a fire-truck (aerial ladder/turntable) in 1:18th scale, entirely die-cast – ladder included – based on the Mercedes-Benz L6600 chassis, priced at 799€, and limited to exactly 2020 pieces.

I still haven’t been able to obtain a good, in fact any picture of this model, however the advertisement showing this truck should provide you with a glimpse at how impressive it is, with its many details and opening parts! If you buy this model, make sure you’ve still got plenty of room on one of your display shelves…and don’t forget to reinforce all those shelves, lest they break under the weight!

Signs of the times!



Post Scriptum Nr.2: the 2010 Mercedes-Benz models by Spark

Rietze’s latest Citaro version

The Mercedes-Benz “Citaro” E4 urban transit bus so superbly made in Germany in the 1:43 scale by Rietze (see News Nr. 1 / January 2010) is now also available in the light blue livery of the MVG (Munich transit). It is priced at around 65€ (+ S&H)

The F1-season is upon us…
…and new racing teams, like the “Mercedes-Benz GP” have been formed.

One of the other new racing-teams already quietly presented its car in the Fall of 2009. Very “recycling minded”, the car’s body is made exclusively from stale bread, and the tires entirely from hard pumpernickel. The driver for this team, “Team Pan GP” is no other than the celebrated Alberto Panini. Let’s hope he isn’t toast after the first race.

Author Bernd D. Loosen