Mercedes-Benz do Brasil has received an order for delivery of 550 trucks to Casas Bahia, Brazil’s leading retail company for home appliances, electrical and electronic devices. The lion’s share of the order covers 380 units of the Mercedes-Benz Accelo 915 C light truck.

Mercedes-Benz do Brasil will also deliver 148 FPN 1718 semi-heavy cab-over-engine models and 13 units of the 710 short-hood truck, both of which are part of Mercedes-Benz do Brasil’s traditional product line – the Linha Tradicional. In addition, the order includes nine Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans. Plans call for all the vehicles to be delivered by June 2010. The new order is the second largest placed with Mercedes-Benz do Brasil by Casas Bahia, Brazil’s leading retail supplier of home appliances, electrical and electronic devices, and furniture. Casas Bahia previously purchased 1,050 Mercedes-Benz trucks in 2008.

Jürgen Ziegler, President of Mercedes-Benz do Brasil, is pleased by his company’s successful cooperation with one of its biggest customers: “Mercedes-Benz do Brasil and Casas Bahia enjoy a successful 27-year business partnership,” he says. “With this new investment, Casas Bahia is not only demonstrating its faith in the resumption of Brazil’s economic growth but also its trust in our range of high-quality and reliable Mercedes-Benz trucks.”

Mercedes-Benz has the broadest product range on the Brazilian commercial vehicle market, where the brand’s vehicles are well known for their outstanding fuel economy and low operating costs. “The resulting benefit to the truck operator’s bottom line is not the only advantage our customers enjoy, as these vehicles also have an excellent resale value,” says Sales Vice President Joachim Maier.

The purchase of the 380 Accelo 915 C trucks increases the number of this model in the Casas Bahia fleet to 1,400 units. All of these vehicles have a 4,400-mm wheelbase, making them ideal for distribution operations.

“Our vehicles are specially designed for daily delivery operations in urban areas,” says Eclydes Ghedin Coelho, who manages sales to large fleet owners at Mercedes-Benz do Brasil. “They therefore play a major role in helping Casas Bahia keep its promise to customers that it will deliver products purchased in its stores within 48 hours.”

Source: Daimler AG