On March 19 the assistance organization Habitat for Humanity Deutschland presented the Jimmy Carter Work Project Medal 2009 to the Chairman of Daimler Financial Services AG, Klaus Entenmann, for the company’s multifaceted activities reflecting its social commitment.
“Through two long-term fundraising initiatives, Daimler Financial Services AG has once again demonstrated an exemplary sense of social responsibility and shown that social involvement is a policy that is actually being implemented by the managers and employees of Daimler Financial Services AG,” said Manuela Kikillus, National Director of Habitat for Humanity Deutschland.

Last year, DFS managers at the international level sent out a call for donations within the company and collected a sum of money for the benefit of a Habitat for Humanity assistance project. The donations from this campaign are being sent to the Rainbow Village Projekt in Rach Gia in southern Vietnam. About 100 families live here on a landfill site under extremely bad conditions. The establishment of a resource center here is enabling 87 children to attend school and receive vocational training over the long term and thus opening up better prospects for their future lives.

Another donation from the company was made available to needy families in Cambodia. As part of the annual Jimmy Carter Work Project, houses were built here for families that had also previously lived on a landfill site. Daimler Financial Services has also been involved in many different ways in Habitat for Humanity projects in other countries.

Source: Daimler AG