News Nr. 4 – February 2010
International Toy Fair report – part 2
In this issue of the News, we shall look at what other manufacturers of scale models have been presenting at Nuremberg.

Nothing as far as models of Mercedes-Benz cars are concerned, with the notable exception of a black AMG G-Class in 1:18.

We shall see the Mercedes-Benz SSKL, with the starting number “8”, which won the 1931 Nürburgring Race at the hands of Rudolf Caracciola. Believe it or not, the starting number, which was applied on pieces of fabric and affixed on each side of the original car, has been reproduced in exactly the same way on the model, i.e. on a small square of fabric.

Now, that’s what I call accuracy and love of detail! Production of this 1:18 scale model is limited to 4000 pieces. (Quite a high limit!)

In the last News, I mentioned that IXO is going to produce the Mercedes 190 (W110) fintail ambulance. The question was of course, if this 1:43 model would look the same as the Binz-bodied one, which Minichamps released at the end of 2009. Well, apparently not.

When taking a closer look at the pictures of the prototype, it seems that IXO chose to miniaturize the Miesen-bodied ambulance – the same which can be seen in the 1965 James Bond movie “Thunderball”).

Hotworks/Wits (distr. in Germany by Schuco)
This manufacturer is starting a new series of resin models in the 1:43 scale, which will be called: “Absolute Hot”. First in this new range will be the Mercedes-Benz SL AMG “Black Series”. In 1:18th scale, this company will release the Lorinser, AMG and Brabus versions of the current SL. Each one of these 1:18 models has functioning head- and brake lights, and a working “Vario”-roof.

Minichamps announced the McLarenMercedes SLR “Stirling Moss” (Z199) in orange, in 1:18th scale. The model has an opening hood and an opening trunk. In 1:18th scale as well, Minichamps displayed a L6600 die cast fire-truck with a 1.56m long die-cast ladder when fully extended, 3.1 Kilo heavy (over 6 pounds)available for the nice price of 799€ (which depending on the day, means anywhere between US$ 1,100 and US$ 1,200 !) This model will be produced in the limited quantity of a little above 2000 pieces. If I can get a picture or two, I’ll publish them in an upcoming News.

Few Mercedes-Benz models in the 1:43 scale, but two interesting ones in the 1:18th scale: the Mercedes-
Benz 600 (W140) and the Mercedes 190 c (W110). Both prototypes shown in Nürnberg looked ready for production. The 600 (W140) is scheduled to be released in the second half of this year.

As well, Norev displayed a French fire dept. version of the Mercedes-Benz L406 panel van in 1:43, and a “deco sample” of the Mercedes 300SLR, as driven by Juan-Manuel Fangio in the 1955 “Mille Miglia” race, which he finished, 2nd behind Moss/Jenkinson in their Nr. 722.

PremiumClassiXXs promises us, that towards the end of the year, we can count on the release of both “Gullwings”, old and new, meaning there will be a 1:12 scale model of the 300SL, as well as a 1:12th model of the SLS AMG.

Just imagine these two under your Christmas-tree….

Good old Rio! Eons ago, their models were some of the best ones then available. Unfortunately, today in 2010, they are still using the same old moulds of way back then… Improvements? None, except maybe a few chrome strips here and there, unfortunately badly applied sometimes as well…

How they can survive with models like the 1:43 MB 300 ambulance of 1959 vintage, which they displayed in Nuremberg, is beyond me! I like the fact that they still proudly manufacture in Italy and not in China, but you’ll pardon my English: the model is so crappy; it doesn’t even deserve a description!

Lots and lots of new 1:43 scale models have been announced by Spark, but no new Mercedes. It seems that we shall see a few more versions of the W196R 1954 and 1955 GP racers (streamliners and “Monopostos”), representing the cars as they started in various races, taking into account all the various modifications, which were made by Daimler-Benz prior to each race. Also, there will be a Mercedes 320 Cabriolet (W142), the same previously made for Mercedes-Benz Accessories, but this one will be blue. Dieter Mäurer, who visited the Spark stand, liked the looks of the car a lot. However, during the course of the year, despite that there were no new Mercedes models announced at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, we should nevertheless get a nice 1:43 surprise from Spark, so I’m told…

Trust is everything!

Author Bernd D. Loosen